A question of parenting

Am I a bad parent? Before you all rush at once, you gits, let me explain.

Our Youngest Lad is rather fond of K9. He grins and pays attention when he spots the Tin Dog on screen (those who know the boy will know he couldn’t pay attention if his life depended on it and, being a teenager, grins are few and far between).

Ambling through Woolies today The Folically Challenged One and I spotted a super duper remote control K9 and agreed it would be the perfect pressie for him.

Now, we’ve already bought his pressie – it’s one of those This Cost A Bit So It’s The Only One You’re Getting type of pressies so we agreed we shouldn’t buy the Tin Dog.

The reason I’m wondering if I’m a bad parent is this – I’m going to ask my mum and dad to buy it for him for Christmas cos I really REALLY want to play with it!!

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  1. Ian Mc says:

    No, in this case (and I’m sure all other cases), you are not a bad parent. I’m certain that your Mum and Dad know you and “The Folically Challenged One” well enougn to know that this is the case – you will get as much enjoyement from the gift as your lad will. It’s not like Doctor Who is something that first afffected their lives in a major fashion with Christopher Eccleston brier tenure last year.

    In my limited experience, Grandparent are desperate for any tips on what to buy that will actually get used/worn/enjoyed and not cast aside before the mince pies have finished. Don’t stress. The fact that you and the young fella share a common interest is, I’m sure, a good thing!

    I hope they buy it for you… for him rather. Now, I’m off to convince my parents that 3 years old is not too young for a Tardis playset (with real Wworrp Wworrp FX and flashing lights!)

  2. Lord Summerisle says:

    My mind just goes back to all the chemistry sets, electronics sets, lego, microscopes, scalextric sets, model railways and so on that my brother and I got for Christmas when we were lads. Can’t remember my Dad playing with them, oh no. And I’m sure he didn’t always have first go for his own pleasure, it was so he could teach us how to use them afterwards of course, usually by New Year is we were lucky.

    If that makes you A Bad Parent then you are by no means alone.

  3. Fun for all the family! Why wouldn’t you suggest it to his grandparents? He’d like it so it’s not like those cases you hear about DIY fanatic men buying their wives power tools so the husband can use it. It just happens in this case that you’d also like to chase the cats around the house with it!

    It certainly does sound like a win-win to me (plus I might get to play with it on Christmas evening too!)

  4. Im trying to work out why anyone in their right mind thinks that the Guiness Book of Records is a great present for a child (or indeed, for anyone)….I used to get the bloody thing every year….went unread…bloody idiots.

  5. Didn’t the Guiness Book of Records inspire you to do great things with your life, like knit the longest Doctor Who scarf in the world or read the most Terrance Dicks books before insanity set in? No? Me neither. Still, as Roy Castle used to sing, ‘defecation is all you need if you want to be a record breaker…’ (or something like that)

  6. Lord Summerisle says:

    Right, one Guinness Book Of Records winging its way to MacFadyan Towers for Christmas. I wouldn’t like to think of you being stumped for an answer if asked ‘what is the densest substance known to man’ ;O)

  7. hobbit says:

    Oh well, he’s getting 2 then – one for every day and one for Sunday best 🙂

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