Macfadyan’s….Torchwood?? What the…?

So there I am, happily watching Torchwood and something very, very odd happens…

If there’s any music I know well it’s my own – especially Macfadyan’s Folly (Beware The Judder Man). I mean, I composed the bloody thing and its the main theme throughout the trailers and music for series one of The Buccaneer Chronicles.

So, you can imagine exactly how gobsmacked I was to hear it in Torchwood! It’s in episode two – just a small part of it, but one you’ll hear in the trailers for Catharcerous and Keeping The Peace and the forthcoming trailers for Dancing With Crystal Reflections, Solve My Problems and another story of which anyone outside the Buccaneer Chronicles’ team knows nowt about – yet. You can also hear it in the tracks Macfadyan’s Folly and Beware The Judder Man as well as the pre-titles music for Crossover Productions’ ‘A Time Lord In Prince Henry’s Court’ – all of which can be found in the various subsections of our Audio pages. And before you wonder why I’ve used it so much, like I said, it’s a running theme and it’s place in Aaron’s play was very deliberate, (enigmatic, huh? LOL).
Now, i admit, for a small moment I was calling Murrey Gold all the names under the sun and some others I’ve picked up in my travels 😛

however, it’s a fairly simple refrain and one I’m sure he just happened to stumble upon.

Didn’t you, Murrey? Eh? Eh?

Mind you, if I ever find out he’s visited this site then me n him may be having words, ROFL!

Still gave me a bloody shock hearing it, mind.

I’ll let you lot have a fumble through Torchwood – Day One and see if you can spot it.

8 Responses to "Macfadyan’s….Torchwood?? What the…?"

  1. You know what will happen. Some day somebody will accuse you of stealing the tune from Murray Gold! You may even get sued. Hmm, there’s an idea, I wonder if I can get a cut of the damages..?!

  2. Hobbit says:

    I know a good lawyer…
    And I know a couple of hacks who will chuck you 50 quid for any kiss and tells you may have had with him…um…

  3. your a bad parent, so there!

  4. Hobbit says:

    And you can’t spell… 😛

  5. Hobbit says:

    And you can’t make smilies properly 😛 🙂 🙁 😛

  6. at least I’m not hyper-critical, so there, fnerd!


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