Nothing is ever forgotton…


so, the latest edition of Robin Hoody.

And it’s still very poor indeed.

Oh, it has got better, I’ll give it that, but the opening episode was so bad it couldn’t have gotton much worse, tbh. The Merry men are very bland, aside from Much, with only one other showing any glimmer of personality – so they kill off poor Mr Roy in case he gets too exciting. John is way underused, just sitting around brooding and occasionally knocking down the odd door or two. T’others are..well..nonentities.

I’ll keep watching in the hope it gets better and old smuggy hood grows up a little.

By the way, did anyone spot the Doctor Who in-joke? Well, it gave me a chuckle…thats something, I suppose…

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  1. Ian Mc says:

    Okay – I’ll bite. What Doctor Who in-joke?

    By the way, I though this weeks was even better than last (sorry Cornell fans) – at least something of consequence was allowed to occur and there was a threat to the merry men that resulted in a death. Bloodless of course, it’s only 1900. Oh, and I think Marian is jolly sexy with that short hair too!

  2. hobbit says:

    Have given up on it – didn’t watch it this evening… 🙁

  3. the village of Clom – neighbour to raxacoricofalapatorious or whatever, LOL..Phil kay’s home planet.

  4. Lord Summerisle says:

    Probably not a Who in-joke at all I’m afraid. A village called Clom is most probably one that consisted of houses built with clom walls, i.e. walls made of packed earth.

  5. I’m afraid the village was actually called Clun, not Clom (which, from a quick google, looks more like a Robin of Sherwood reference than a Who one, or probably a traditional Robin Hood mythos reference). Isn’t Phil Kay a Scottish stand-up comedian? Peter Kay is probably who you are thinking of!

    That aside, I thought the episode was okay. Not great. Certainly not unmissable. The moment Roy was killed off I immediately thought of Gan from Blake’s Seven (kind of ironic as B7 was basically Robin Hood in space). Does this mean that in a couple of years we’ll have Robin Hood without Robin Hood?! I’m sure not, in fact I question if it will make it to year three at all.

    I have to agree that it has settled down from that rather poor first episode but it is still seriously lacking something. Maybe two things: excitement and humour. The Sheriff tries to bring a bit of humour to it but you can’t take that too far without falling further into pantomine territory (the villain should be feared, not laughed at, re: the real Clom!) The character of Much brings a bit of fun from the Hoodies side but he’s made out to be too much of an outsider for it to fully work.

    I’ll carry on watching when I have the time but I won’t worry if I miss one.

  6. Lord Summerisle says:

    I don’t see this version of Hood making it to series 3 either, in fact I haven’t seen last night’s yet. I may catch the repeat tonight but on the other hand I have a large number of unwatched DVDs that will probably occupy my valuable time more profitably.

    On the subject of Clom ….

    What were they thinking of when they named Raxacoricofallapatorius? So there you are after a night on the lash, it’s time to go home so you hail an interplanetary cab. “Where are you going, mate?” says the cabbie. “Rixacuri …. Ruxacari ….. Raxifalli ….. oh, fuck it, just take me to Clom”. I bet Raxacoricofallapatorius was uninhabited after a year.

  7. Lord Summerisle says:

    … forgot to say. Clun is a real village in Shropshire. I’ve been there. It’s got a castle.

  8. oh, I hate you all… 😛

    however, to cheer me up, and on the subject of nights out, I read this on the outpost gallifrey forum….gave me a big chuckle…

    Originally Posted by Cyrano View Post
    In a galaxy greased with oil and tears, on space lanes made with fear and time, who is there to look out for the little guy, and see if he’s a Dalek?

    It’s the suprising adventures of me, Doctor Digby Chicken Caesar. I travel the universe of time and space with my companion Ginger trying to thwart my nemesis, some bastard called Adam who’s presumably responsible.

    Scene One: Doctor Digby and Ginger are covered in newspapers in a shop doorway on Alpha Centauri. Balanced against them is a sign saying ‘Last of the Time Lords’. Someone throws them a twenty zlarg bit, and it’s grabbed by Ginger.

    Doctor Digby: Ginger you bastard! Hand that over!

    He jams the sonic screwdriver (a stick) into Ginger’s eye

    Scene Two: Doctor Digby Chicken Caesar and Ginger stagger along an alleyway

    Voice over, Doctor Digby: As my grant from the United Federation had finally come through, Ginger and I were headed to the Offie to pick up vital supplies for our strike against the Dalek base on the common.

    Scene Three: The Off License.

    Doctor Digby (slurring): I am sorry, my good man, but I lack the necessary funds for quite this quantity of cider, but I assure you the universe itself hangs in the balance. My companion Ginger will vouch for my good character I assure you.

    Shopkeeper: Stop messing around and get out.

    Doctor Digby: Grab the booze and run Ginger, he’s a Cyberman!


  9. Andy Simpkins says:

    After watching a couple of episodes,I am afraid to say that the series just reminds me of an ’80’s pop video.They are all far too clean for their own good,no teeth missing,hair greasy or their clothes suitably grimey from spending too much time in the Greenwood.I am half expecting Adam Ant to come strolling in halfway through an episode,resplendant in all his dandy-highwayman garb.I will continue to watch it as it makes for entertaining teatime viewing for the missus and me but methinks it lacks a certain something…

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