I need an I-Pod



I had my first app at the Gym today and decided to walk across the strip of green from the estate to the new lesiure center (which I still say shouldn’t have been built where it is). Anyway, I knew there was a bit of greenery, nothing much, I thought. However, on the way back, I decided to exsplore slightly.

Well I never. Theres a whole mini park there, lovely grass areas, a lake/pond-thingy…its quite beautiful – especially as there were no kids around to ruin it…

So, I need to get myself either an I-pod or a portable cd player so I can pop over there with a book during the day and soak up the peace and quiet….’cos it will, hopefully, do me some serious good.

Incidently, I found this as someone’s avatar on the Jealhimet forum and was reminded of a certain Wii game..

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  1. Lord Summerisle says:

    Ever thought of ditching the i-Pod idea and just soaking up the peace and quiet in peace and quiet instead 😉

    But if you insist, don’t get an i-Pod. There are hundreds of better, cheaper MP3/4 players on the market.

  2. Simulacra says:

    I have heard that from a few people and sites as well that ipods are alot of bling bling over substance compared to what you can get in something else that maybe isnt as appealing to the eye.

  3. I hear that the Sumsungs were pretty good. Not sure about the latest models but I know at least some of the old ones supported not only MP3 (pretty much all the iPod does besides their own locked down format) but also Ogg Vorbis and Microsoft WMA (though why you’d want to use that…)

    Of course you won’t get integration with iTunes with anything but an iPod (you can still burn the iTunes tracks off to CD and then rip them into any format you want). That vendor lock in is probably reason enough to avoid Apple (not that I did – I did a deal with the Devil and he gave me a silly little iPod Shuffle!). It could be worse, I suppose, it could have been a Zune..!

    Probably best to avoid the really cheap no-name MP3 players. I know someone who bought one of those and it is dreadful! The audio quality is appalling. The user interface is fiddly and confusing beyond practical use (especially if you’re sweating the flab away on a running machine!) In short it was a waste even of the little money they paid for it. A few quid more would have been much better value for money. It’s a tough thing to know, though. That’s the thing with iPods, I suppose, at least you know what you’re getting, evil or otherwise!

  4. Lord Summerisle says:

    I like these guys

    Don’t ask me what their current crop of machines are like though. I’m still using the one I bought over four years ago. The only thing I’ve had to do to it in that time was replace the battery, something you can do yourself with just a screwdriver on the model I have.

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