Tony Gallichan is Mildly Perturbed By… TV Reception

Tony Gallichan of Staggering Stories muses, nay rants, about the state of TV Reception in Crawley.

4 Responses to "Tony Gallichan is Mildly Perturbed By… TV Reception"

  1. Lord Summerisle says:

    Can’t you just give us a transcript?

  2. no. So there, LOL. That defeats the point of audio musings, lol

  3. Lord Summerisle says:

    Well, sod you then! May your Channel 5 always look like a Dickensian Christmas and your digital channels always look like a 3-D movie without the stereoscopic spectacles ;O)

    Actually, now I’ve got a freeview box, Channel 5 is quite watchable.

    That is, it would be if there were anything worth watching on it.

  4. I believe there is a ‘wobbly’ woman on first thing in the morning, or something….Its channel 5, so you can just imagine….actually, its channel 5 – most people will have to just imagine, LOL

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