The staggering bunch

Yes! Finally the Staggering Stories domain has been moved. Space is no longer an issue (within reason) and hopefully reliability will increase. Any failures from here on in are much more likely to be my fault than anyone else’s. That’s how it should be. Nobody to blame but myself. If you want something done right… and other such sayings.

There are still things to do but those are mainly thanks to the new opportunities this move gives me. The old Staggering Stories should work exactly as it used to (reminder to self, I must change the links to the Forum to the final URL). In addition there is now this blog. Now there are three of them! Yes, the, and the irreplacable Our empire grows!

Once it has all settled down (and I’ve finally, after all these years, got the Staggering Stories emails working) I’ll take a look at a site redesign. The only problem: I’m no graphic designer. Looking at Staggering Stories you knew that already, of course! I’d like to, if I can, bring a summary of the latest forum and blog entries onto the Staggering Stories front page, alongside the regular update list. Unlike with PlusNet I can now run PHP (or python, ruby, perl, java, etc.) on the main site instead of having to segregate it off onto a different CGI platform. The opportunities are almost endless (unlike our time!)

As Shaw Taylor would say – Keep ’em peeled!

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  1. Macfadyan says:

    nicew job matey.,..cheers 🙂

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