A strange day

I received the oddest telling-off today.

I recently interviewed a grand old lady for a ‘Look Back’ piece about the Second World War and how she was one of the survivors of a Doodlebug hit on Crawley.

Well, another old lady rang up today to add her memories to the story.

As we were winding up the conversation, she pointed out that there were very few pitures of the aftermath.

I agreed that, yes, they were scarce, but that I had managed to find one that would be in the paper in a week or so.

She then proceeded to berate the journos and photographers of the time for not covering the event in more detail and demanded – at length – to know why they had not been more thorough.

I don’t mind defending the editorial decisions of today, but to be chastised for the actions of a news team working before my parents were born was a little irksome. 🙂

5 Responses to "A strange day"

  1. did you ask her who the prime minister was? ya should have played on the old senility thing, or faded your voice in and know, like we all do to Bill….

  2. hantsbear says:

    M’eh, young whippersnappers!!!

  3. Lord Summerisle says:

    Teach her a lesson, send MacFadyan round to do a follow up interview. If the old dear’s not deaf already she’ll soon wish she was.

  4. Lord Summerisle says:

    BTW, did Keefy receive my ebooks by email? Does he want the rest? One at a time of course.

  5. Ian Mc says:

    It’s the job of the senile and demented to put us in out place sometimes. Save it up and give it back in spades when it becomes your turn!

    … and don’t skimp out on photographers the next time Crawley is bombed either, you cheap-skate!

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