How Dare They..!!!!!!!

It’s shut!!!

The Coffee Trader in town has shut!!!!!

Put out of business, I suspect, by Costa Coffee, the wonderful factory churned out, plastic, franchised bastard place just opposite.

Now, why is this so important to me, I hear you ask? Why am I so upset about a company that is obsessed with toasting everything under the sun, as well as the sun itself?

Simple. As some may know, I have…’trouble’ going into town…I don;t like crowds – or, infact, people in general, and get very anxious etc. However, I’ve been determined to fight that problem and the Coffee Trader was my way of doing it. If I had to go into town I would, instead of running off home, force myself to pop upstairs, have a latte and possibly a sarnie. Forcing myself to stay by people, just slightly removed from them, to an extent. It was great. I could read the Independant in comfort and generally not have to worry.

And now it’s gone. I tried looking around town for somewhere that may suffice as a replacement but there really is nowhere like it.

I’m right narked over this, I really am. Mr and Mrs Crawley Chav are more then happy to use the tanning salon to top up their fake orangeness, but they see Costa Coffee and think ‘Ooh, look! That must be upmarket, Ive heard of that – they have it in london, innit.’


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  1. Really? Gone?! It always seemed pretty full. I wonder what happened?

    That is a shame, it was a decent place – not as big or crowded as Costa, much better that way. Where will I get my Chocoholic now?

  2. Keith says:

    that will make 3 costa’s in town centre count them 1, in county mail food hail 2, in Ottakers (now waterstones) and 3, there own shop in queen square. This dosn’t include the one in tilgate park golf corse or the one in the bluebell restaurant, I think they got the town. there is a Pastry place on the second level of county mail (not thefood hall) but this still dsn’t have the cosyness of the trader. Personaly I would like a starbucks (yes I know it’s another faceless corperation but they alow you to put your own chocolate or cinnamon sprinkles on your coffie . But it will now be a new staggering stories mission to find you a new place to drink COFFIE

  3. hantsbear says:

    If you get either a Coffee Republic or a Caffe Nero, frequent them in preference… they are far better than Costa or Star*ucks!

  4. Pete Stevens says:

    This seems a little stupid considering it’s 15 months since the above posts, and therefore not likely to be read by anyone, but I feel obliged to write here. I am Pete, who worked for Coffee Trader. I’m sure anyone that was the slightest of a regular customer will know me.

    I want everyone to know that we were NOT defeated by Costa. We closed because the very people who owned us hadn’t a f**king clue what to do with the gem they were sitting on, and thought they would get rid of what they didn’t understand.

    I loved Coffee Trader. It was more than a job to me. It was responsible for all the directions in my life. That’s no exaggeration.

    Thanks to everyone for their custom and support.

    Pete Stevens

    P.S Should the poster of the original message see this, please do write back. I would love to know who you are.

  5. Hello pete – that was me… 🙂

    I still hate Costa Coffee – it’s a way of life, lol. I am still saddened by the Coffee trader’s passing as it really was a wonderful place to go…as for who I am..hmm..tall, blond, fat – always had a latté and refused, point blank, to have anything toasted 🙂 – the lil piccy next to the main post should help identify me – once seen never forgotton.

    I do hope that all is going well for you.

    best wishes

  6. Pete Stevens says:

    To all who want to share a few memories of The Coffee Trader and network with former customers and staff then check out the brand new Coffee Trader facebook group at the link below and sign up as a member.

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