Season’s greetings

Feeling thoroughly festive now. The Christmas roast is in the oven, the cheese is giving the fridge its own special aroma and the dessert is looking far too tempting to last the night.

Our first guest is knocking together a trifle and another has just rung with the promise of a Haunch Of Reindeer (poor Rudolph).

To all those descending on our place tomorrow – prepare to be over-fed and offered far too much alcohol. To every one else, feel free to pop in for a festive tipple, but if not have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

Oh yes, and anyone who chatters through Runaway Bride will not be allowed any Christmas pud – and this year’s is a good’un. 🙂

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  1. Well, I’m looking forward to it. I’m quite excited, actually!

    Right now I’m, finally, copying the 2005 Doctor Who Confidentials off my TiVo onto DVD (the full length versions, not those cut-down things we got on the DVD boxset). Of course I have to watch them as the TiVo plays them off to the DVD recorder! It’s certainly putting me into the mood for new Doctor Who tomorrow!

    I’m also looking forward to sharing my Wii with everyone, I think they will lap it up!

    Then there’s the festive plumpness which is always good!

    It should be a very good day.

  2. a) ‘Season’s Greetings, yes?’, surely?
    b) Reindeer?????? Oh my giddy Bod! Where does she get these things??????? Er, I’ll just stick with the ordinary roast, um..yes….er…thanks (Bleeeurg)
    c)NO SPROUTS!!! I know you have some of the evil lil fuckers there, the follically challenged one did gleefully inform me of this. I’m warning you now, sprouts = vomiting – even the smell of ’em….
    d) NO TALKING THROUGH THE THEME – I have it on VERY good authority that there’s gonna be a new version, probably completly orchestral so I won’t tell you lot twice!
    e) I have crackers
    f) I have camambert
    g)I have brandy cream – tried to get brandy custard but sainsburys didn’t have any – well, I was there at 2 in the morning…..
    h) I have pressies and this year, big surprise, NO Dr Who annual!!!!!!! I know, I know, its tradition (of one year) but well, I looked at the annual and thought ‘dear Bod, what a pile of pants’. How the thing ever beat the Beano is anyone’s guess.
    I) MMMMMMMM…trifle….

    make sure Keith eats a satelite navigation system for the morning….and phone me before they leave, LOL. Stll say Tom Tom should be voiced by Tom……

    see you in t’ morning then….


  3. hantsbear says:

    Our first guest is knocking together a trifle
    Actually, the trifle is now made and is in the shed with a counsellor from the Betty Ford Clinic…

  4. hobbit says:

    A big spider lives in the shed – if he gets through the silver foil and protective bowl we’ll have one sloshed arachnid on Christmas morning 🙂

  5. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Now I’ll be too scared to eat/drink the trifle………..

  6. hantsbear says:

    I daren’t go into the kitchen.
    Two radio controlled daleks and a K-9 are battling for control of the brussel sprouts.
    And that’s just the adults at play…

  7. hobbit says:

    Thanks for a fantastic day, guys! Same again next year?

  8. woot…I have the internet back again…got cut off for some reason last night…no internet or telly again!!! I do wish telewest would sort themselves out

    yup, was a lovely day, great food etc, thank you both very much indeed :):)

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