A Distressing Discovery….

So, there I am, around Purcell-Face’s this evening, preparing for the new Mr. Dalek photo shoot ( say what you like about that Dalek, but he’s one hell of a pro when it comes to these things – never complains, keeps a pose, nice n still, for long periods of time etc ) destined to accompany the new Mr. Dalek story which will, hopefully, be up on the site this Monday evening, when I noticed something on Adam’s computer…

To go into details now would not be fair on El Presidente, as he has put some work into it…however, all I can say is I dissaociate myself entirely from it…You rabble will find out what it is come the update, but once I’d seen it I was groaning and moaning in severe pain and wondering how we could avoid lawsuits (something I’m also wondering about for the Mr. Dalek story, to be honest). Thematically, it’s a sort of sequal to Mr. Dalek Goes For A Glide, but that’s all I’m gonna say about it.

As for the update, it’s looking mighty fine…a hell of a lot of stuff with more to come – eh, Karen? 😛

Several mp3’s, some stories, some piccies including the aforementioned shot of Mr. Dalek – and I have to admit, watching the Smug One work on the pic in whatever the Linux equivelent of photoshop is, was very interesting…yes, Mr. Dalek needed touching up a little…after all, he needs to look his best and blend into his surroundings perfectly….

but still..I’m gonna be haunted by what old Odo-face has done….be very afraid…

8 Responses to "A Distressing Discovery…."

  1. hobbit says:

    Yes, OK, you impatient bugger, I’m finishing it now!

  2. hobbit says:

    It’s in there – let’s see if you can spot it – it’s very subtle 😛

  3. Keith says:

    No it’s not…

  4. actually, I was telling you off for no reason, and now you’ve made it look like I was just prompting you…curse you, Hobbit, curse you!!!

    glad it’s in there, though we had contingency plans… the way, bottle of wine and some camembert? maybe a few pigs in blankets?

  5. I am proud to introduce The Head of Pertwee starring as The Doctor’s Head in The Doctor’s Head Goes for a Roll ( )

    Yes, it is as bad as you might all think.

    Excellent update otherwise. Best Update Evar! I won’t even try to pick anything out, it’s all great – just go see the list yourself at

  6. Andy Simpkins says:

    I have just read ‘The Doctors Head Goes For A Roll’.Never have I seen a plastic head emote so well.An Oscar for the Head Of P’Twee…..

  7. Your all very sick and disturbed…..

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