The Return of…Local Radio Man!!!!!

Yes!! Huzzah and hurrah!

Local Radio Man is back!

I’m currently listening to the BBC Wales coverage of the Doctor Who Celebration (I’m getting images of a Peter Haining book and balloons flashing before my eyes) and, bless, they seem a lil bit bewildered by this whole Doctor Who thingy. Chris Cork-something is classic Local Radio Man. When asked if he was a fan, he replied, remembering he is at a huge Doctor Who event, ‘No.’

As usual, they spotted the one fan wearing the Tom Baker costume and interviewed him, rapidly backing away when he came within a close orbit of saying something meaningfull…
His interview with the lil kiddies was classic eighties Local Radio and his interview with David Tennant consisted of trying to a) get Tennant to speak in a Welsh accent and B) Ruggedly trying to get Billie Piper’s phone number.

His main concern, to be honest, was explaining that his suit (from Debenham’s, apparently) was bought BEFORE the tenth Doctor was revealed.

Pure nostalgia, listening to this chap…and indeed, the whole shebang cos frankly, the BBC Radio Wales presenting team are worth their weight in Gold…..

note..its now, apparently, pronounced Sy-COR-ax…which is nice….Ill keep you posted as to what other howlers these guys come out with….

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  1. hobbit says:

    Other than that it was really good 🙂

  2. It was excellent. That Corkie chap, or whatever his name was, was a complete waste of airwave space but as their witterings were just while nothing else was happening it was okay!

    I was very impressed overall. I don’t think all of the pieces translated absolutely perfectly to a full orchestra (certainly not the best rendition of the Who theme I’ve ever heard) but that didn’t diminish it at all. There I was in my dark TV room (save for numerous green and orange LEDs) listening with the surround sound speakers, imagining the image of the orchestra before me. It was fantastic. If only we could have been there… Oh well, I think my environment was a close second!

    The enthusiasm, the whole atmosphere of it all, came across wonderfully, I thought. It’s amazing. A few years ago I would never have ever imagined such an event could take place, let alone there being this whole new generation of fans and such respect and adoration from so much of the general public. It feels very strange!

    I look forward to the Runaway Bride!

  3. oh yes, it WAS good..very nice indeed – shame the bitrate was so low on the listen live bbc thingy – Im hoping adam has a better version tivo-d. The full concert will be avalible on bbci – pressy reddy buttony thingy – around christmas time – not just audio, but visual as well which is a Good Thing as it sounded like they’d put a lot of work into the visuals…and wasn’t it lovely to hear lil nicky briggs having a whale of a time being the chief panto dalek baddy? laughed like a drain at that, I did…and raised a hell of a lot of grotzits for the yellow bear thats a fan of the Brig’s eyepatch.

    What I did find interesting was the difference in the tracks for series one compared to those for series two which were composed for a full orchestra – in places the orchestration was stretched a lil thin…however, its no complaint, just an observation, cos I loved it…

    more please….

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