Calm before the redesign and social networking temptations.

TwitterWith our recent podcast now published, I have a few days before I need to think about the next one or the August (for September!) Staggering Stories update.

That being the case I find myself looking, once again, at a site visual redesign. My current efforts are a bit of a shock to the eyes, it will probably need to be toned down a bit! Much more work is outstanding on that job, not least the actual implementation on 400 odd html files…

Onto my other quick subject, though – social networking sites. Yesterday afternoon I was looking at the ex-Outpost Gallifrey forum and the SFX forum to post announcements on the Podcast 26 release. On at least one of those sites I was beaten to it by one of my fellow Staggering Stories friends. At the bottom of her post she put a link to the Staggering Stories Facebook site. Now I’ve been resistant to the MySpaces and Facebooks of this world for some time, it all seemed a bit pointless and a bit faddish. The past year I’ve been particularly resistant to Facebook after seeing someone publicly vilified (very publicly) for a jokey Facebook profile (that was actually done by a friend of theirs.) Is it time I relented, though? Can I sit by and not be part of that Staggering Stories facebook group? Probably not. That cracking sound you hear is probably leading to an imminent cave in!

The other Social Networking thing I’m currently investigating is Twitter. Yes, I’ve already created a Twitter account, AdamJPurcell. Just quickly, what’s Twitter? According to the ever amazing Wikipedia (more popular than the Celestial Home Care Omnibus):

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users (also known as twits) to send updates (otherwise known as tweets) which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.

Why? It is just a way to add a bit more life to the Staggering Stories site. I can post saying that we are about to start recording a podcast. I can tell people that I’m working on the next update. Even tell them about Sci Fi type things I’m doing or have just found out about. Of course I can do this ‘micro-blogging’ direct on my new mobile phone, too.

Will this Twitter idea really catch on with me? Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows. An interesting experiment.

2 Responses to "Calm before the redesign and social networking temptations."

  1. Hobbit says:

    Ooo, a new toy! I’ve just signed up and am now going to waste a whole evening exploring it!

  2. Ian Mc says:

    Twits. Tweets. Hmmm. I’ve taken to bookface (all Alan Davies calls it) though.

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