Back to blogging?

It’s been a long time, literally years but perhaps it is time to get back into blogging.

Why, though? I never had anything great to say (as should be obvious from the podcast!). No, it’s less about wanting to tell the world something, having some revolutionary idea in some cafe in Rickmansworth, more about having something to look back on in years to come.

I pretty much feel the same about the podcast, really. I look back and wonder what I initially thought of such and such. Sometimes I’m lucky and we talked about it on the podcast and that’s great because not only do I get to hear what I thought at the time but also what some of my friends thought too.  It is interesting how opinions can change over time and just how easily thoughts are lost in the maelstrom of everyday life.

So in many ways a blog and the podcast is a diary.  Well, first and foremost the podcast is about having fun on the night but a chronicle, a snapshot, of our thoughts and opinions at the time is a valuable secondary purpose, at least to me!

Another motivation for restarting the blogging is that I now have an ‘Unlimited’ cinema card.  It is my intention to see a film at the local cinema at least once a week for the next year.  Getting there straight from the office will often leave me hanging around for an hour or so for the film I want to see.  What better to do but a bit of blogging? Dinner, did I hear you say? Blogging is cheaper (and probably more filling) than the food around here!

So tonight it’s Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.  A ‘romcom’, I believe. Not normally my thing but it has a certain Sci-Fi element and short of rewatching The Dark Knight Rises, the choice is currently rather limited!  Perhaps a future blog entry may look at the merits or otherwise of seeing what may be described as a ‘chickflik’ (I assume they spell it in such an obnoxious manner!) on my own. It feels weird, to say the least. Maybe that will change with time..?

For now, naturally I encourage my fellow Staggering Storians to put their random thoughts on the Internet for all to read, too!

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