Time doth fly

I suppose I should write something about sci-fi or Doctor Who or other geeky things (and I probably will later) but my first entry in this blog is going to be a Virtual Moment Of Supressed Sobbing.

In two weeks’ time our Andrew is leaving home.

(Pause while I wail and rend my garments)

There are those among you who have known him since he wasn’t even born. You were there as I hurled my guts, you were there for that frightening Week In Hospital incident and you were there when he was born (some of you used large quantities of alcohol to keep his father sane and not gibbering – and for that I thank you). And now he’s going.

OK, he’s not going to the other side of the world, but he’s still going. Off to board at agricultural college for at least the next year.

Honestly, how would you feel if your first born opted to live with pigs and cows rather than at home. There again, if you saw the state of his bedroom…

So spare a thought over the next couple of weeks as we pack his stuff and try desperately to cram in those last few life lessons that may mean the difference between fresh, neat laundry and bright pink, shrunken shirts.

I can’t speak for Keith, but on the outside I’ll be all ‘well done son…proud of you…take care…’ while on the inside I’ll be curled up in a ball wondering where that cute little curly-haired chap went.
If anyone’s up for a stiff drink, give me a call.

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  1. It doesn’t seem all long ago since Andrew’s first day at school! Then there’s all those trips to Thorpe Park, Chessington and, of course, Blackpool. Strange to think he is now about the same age I was when we first went to Blackpool.

    Yep, where does the time go?

  2. Steven G says:

    Hello. Stumbled across you guys after googling for Staggetring Stories of Ferdinand De Bargos – like the site. The blog is a good idea and I hope you keep it up (I love reading other people’s ‘diaries’!) As a dad of grown-up kids I sympathise with hobbit – don’t worry you’ll soon be enjoying the extra freedom that comes with having the house to yourself!! Good luck all. I’ll definitely drop by again

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