Staggering Stories Podcast #27: Guilty Pleasures

Attack of the CybermenShow summary: Andy Simpkins, Adam J Purcell, Fake Keith and the ‘Real’ Keith Dunn talk about Moments of Bliss and Guilty Pleasures, Doctor Who: The Best of Old Who and New Who, Heroes Season Two, some general news, and a variety of other stuff, specifically:

  • 00.00 – Intro and theme tune.
  • 00.28 — Welcome!
  • 01.05 – News:
  • 01.12 — Hugo Awards 2008 – Doctor Who: Blink and Stardust.
  • 02:27 — No plans for Firefly/Serenity sequel.
  • 04:20 — Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince film delayed until July 2009.
  • 06:21 — George Lucas considers Indy V.
  • 07:30 — Doctor Who: Trial of a Time Lord delayed until September.
  • 09:11 — Possible delay to Cubicle 7’s Doctor Who Roleplaying Game.
  • 10:08 — Song: Happy Birthday Dear Crumbly!.
  • 10.39 – Emails and listener feedback.* Hit us yourself at
  • 12.35 – Fight Club: Bones vs. Bonekickers
  • 23.36 – Moments of Bliss and Guilty Pleasures.
  • 32.05 – El Presidente.
  • 33.14 – Doctor Who: Our Best of Old Who and New Who.
  • 48.33 – Heroes Season Two.
  • 55.00 – Farewell for this podcast and what’s coming up next time!
  • 55.28 — End theme, disclaimer, copyright, etc.

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12 Responses to "Staggering Stories Podcast #27: Guilty Pleasures"

  1. would you like MP3 feedback?

  2. Nathan B says:

    I laughed out loud when Real Keith exploded – wonderful stuff! My guilty pleasure is the Horns of Nimon which is like chocolate ice cream to a dieter. My moment of bliss was the same as El Presidente’s – sad to say I haven’t been happier than when the show returned. I need a girlfriend!!

  3. Guilty P (who) Wariors of the deep with Horns a close second
    Guilty p SF…. Cleopatra 2525 the campest show EVER made. totaly hilarious

    SF Bliss… the end of Harrison Burgeron… SEE THIS FILM!
    WHO Bliss… I have 2… When we find out the Doctor is Merlin in Battlefield or When the mask comes off in City of Death.

  4. Hi guys!

    MP3 feedback would always be welcome from all, of course! In fact it’s a really good idea, I should do it myself…

    Real Keith’s explosion is no laughing matter – no amount of Vaxing is going to get those stains out of my carpet!

    As for both of your Guilty Pleasures and Moments of Bliss… Horns of Nimon? Really?! Even as a (very) Guilty Pleasure? Okay, I said Attack of the Cybermen, who am I to judge?! Cooee, Lord Nimon..! There were mutterings of us talking about Horns of Nimon at some point on the podcast, we managed to stall it as there is no DVD and three of us no longer have VHS recorders. I’m sure that won’t hold it off forever, though!

    Warriors on the Cheep. I must admit I’ve never actually seen this (apart from the odd clip of Dobbin painted green) since it was first broadcast. I probably should. Is it really as bad (so bad that it’s good) as people say? Perhaps we should expand on this theme and actually watch and then properly discuss (aka take the complete pee out of) these Guilty Pleasure Doctor Whos. Hmm, real, certifiable, insanity may ensue…

    As for the moments of bliss. Rose (the episode – so confusing calling an episode after a character!) is an obvious candidate. I said (though not on public record as we weren’t podcasting back then) that Doctor Who could never return. Even in 2002/2003 I was saying this. Any attempt was doomed to failure – they’d have to modernise it (like the McGann TV movie but more so) and all the old fans will hate it. They could try to keep it as it was but modern audiences would laugh at it (as all of us mid to late 1980s fans remember so well). There is no way to please everyone. The BBC could never commit the money to it that it would need. Doomed to failure. How wrong I was. How instantly that was apparent after Rose. Doctor Who was back. It was still Doctor Who, no question. It somehow, against all the odds, did resurrect that family viewing audience. Pretty much everyone liked it, no loved it. It was impossible. It should never have worked. But it did.

    Anyway, wiping away a tear from my eye (yes, I think I need a girlfriend, too!), onto Battlefield and City of Death! What must be one of my first memories of Doctor Who is that scene of Julian Glover pulling his mask off. I was five years old. I think I have vague (and very garbled) memories of Destiny of the Daleks (as far as I know my earliest Who memories) but nothing is garbled about that demasking from this next story. Of course I remember Battlefield much better (being a card carrying fan by this stage). Back then I was a member of DWAS, collecting my CTs. I had high hopes for Battlefield after Remembrance. I was overall a little disappointed but it certainly was good to see some of that Cartmelesque mystery and power to the Doctor. There was little mystery to Peter Davison and Colin Baker Doctors (who I mainly grew up with). It’s just a shame the Merlin thing ended up being so throw away. Not really their fault, given the original series only had about 3 1/2 months life left in it by then. Nowadays the Doctor is an ‘ordinary’ Time Lord. Not that there is anything ordinary about Time Lords anymore…

    Those non-Who ones, then. Cleopatra 2525… I saw a couple of these on bootleg VHS (along with Jack of all Trades, the Bruce Campbell/Sam Raimi thing). Never quite grabbed me, for some reason. I quite enjoyed Xena (it had a couple of nice points!). Never caught Cleopatra on TV proper and I think we watched the VHS the morning after a party, so it didn’t get the fullest of attention. I’ll stick it on my DVD rental list, could be worth a laugh (or not!)
    Harrison Bergeron, huh? I’d never even heard of the book, let alone the 1995 TV movie. It’s not available on DVD anywhere that I can see but I’ll keep a ‘special’ eye out for it. Sean Astin and Christopher Plummer, quite a cast for a cable TV movie. I’ll definitely check that out when I can.

    Thank you both. Good to see we aren’t the only ones with rather questionable tastes with those Guilty Pleasures (and have like minded ideas of Bliss, too!)

    Just one last thought: Big congratulations to the Tin Dog podcast for your getting into the final nominations for a Parsec award! What an incredible honour! I hope you go on to win, you certainly deserve it! Well done!

    Thanks chaps!

  5. Mark H Wilkinson says:

    I’ve had a brilliant idea.

    You should do videocast versions of these, using puppets.

    It would be like “The Telegoons”, but with somewhat more ridiculous characters.

  6. Hi Mark!

    We could probably just about manage sock puppets! Can you just imagine two hands (which would have to belong to different people) pretending to be the Myrka? We could have a little picture of, for example, Peter Davison’s face (bland and open as it is) stuck on the top of a sock puppet. Yes, this could work! Probably more amusing to imagine than actually watch, though, I suspect!

  7. [removed incorrect URL! – AJP]
    not sure if the email is working so heres a direct link to my Bliss MP3 feedback.


  8. wrong file.. Doh… that was for some one else.. doh…

    please dont play that one… heres yours.

  9. cheers. hope the feedback is ok

  10. Just sat down to listen to it (finally!), Excellent MP3! Glad to hear that someone else holds Star Cops in such high regards. Little Green Men and Other Martians was, indeed, fantastic stuff. My favourite, however, must be Trivial Games and Paranoid Pursuits. The sense of humour to this episode in particular really worked for me. It goes without saying that Boucher’s dialog was fantastically witty. Budgetary and behind the scenes dramas aside, an amazing TV series. What a shame it never got that second season. I’m still waiting for my own Box, too..!

    Anyway. Thank you so much for your mp3 feedback. How do you make your thoughts so coherent?! Puts us all to shame! Definitely will be in the next podcast. That’s recording Monday for publication on the following Sunday (7th – though officially it is published on the 8th but it’s normally the afternoon it goes up, so that will be true for the Australians!)

    Great stuff, we must must start reciprocating. Bad Staggering Stories!

  11. no need to recipocate. I wanted a BOX for years but the closest I ever got was my eee701. and to be honest the voice recognition was the first thing switched off… software never meant for geordies.

    what you hear as cohesive thought I like to think of as copious rambling with an edit option on the PC. I feel the urge to watch starcops coming on.

    in other news I didnt win that Parasec award. went to Galactica Chorum.

    quick question… every show you say Series One… Show… what ever… how many do you intend having in a seriese? of its all seriese one surely its just Staggering Stories.. Epiosde X?ttfn


  12. My holiday is over, time to stop neglecting such things as this blog!

    Bad luck for not getting that Parsec but even being nominated is an amazing (and wholely justified) honour. I must admit I’d never even heard of Galactica Chorum (a Battlestar Galactica podcast, I assume).

    As for the Series One thing… The first podcast I heard (back before pretty much anyone was even using the term ‘podcast’) was LugRadio, a Linux podcast (or Internet Radio Show as I think they originally called it). One thing they did was take a month or two off over the summer. After they first did this they came back with Season Two (never having used the phrase Season One before that!) This continued until they ended Season Five a few months ago where they called it quits after five years. Staggering Stories owes a lot to them in terms of format (four friends sitting around discussing their favourite subject every couple of weeks, etc.) It just seemed like a good idea to borrow the seasons (or series as we called it) idea from them too. No idea if and when we might take a break or arbitrarily move to series two, though!

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