Stick ‘Em Up!

Second Doctor Who Sticker AlbumWith all these deadly serious things I do in my life all I end up talking about in this blog are childish things like games consoles, MMOs, TV and, yes, the Second Edition of the Doctor Who Sticker Album! I must be doing something right!

I must say I had great fun with the first of these sticker albums last year, it took me right back to 1981 (not via a coma, I must add) and what was probably the last sticker album I had – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Of course the album itself is long since gone, trapped in carbonite somewhere, I expect. I do seem to remember the finished album being somewhat thicker than the last Doctor Who one. Probably just my childish imagination! It was certainly very shabby by the end, though – it hardly left my school satchel for many months! One thing that is for sure – my ability to put the stickers in straight has not improved with age…

Clearly last years album did well enough to make a second worthwhile for Merlin. I had no idea sticker albums still existed! I’d like to think that these Doctor Who albums have helped create a resurgence in the products but I see they also do the likes of WWF wrestling (or whatever they call it this week), Barbie, Pokémon and the big one, no doubt, Premier League Football. I suspect there aren’t many grown ups buying many of those, though. Yes, I know, there are probably only a few of the saddest old fans buying the Doctor Who ones, too. So, who else is going to join me for swapsies this time then?!

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  1. just avoid the BIG spolier in the second album…….

    I dunno..stickers – at your age…tsk 😛

  2. Big spoiler? It only goes up to Daleks in Manhattan. Is that spoiler a thing of the past now?

    It does raise an interesting question. Will we really have to wait until next year until the next album? Seems hard to believe they can launch the next one in the gap between seasons, especially without the Radio Times to help them push it (why would the Radio Times include Doctor Who stickers when the series isn’t currently on)? I suppose we had the same situation last year, with virtually the entire book concentrating on the Eccleston months rather than the new Tennant series.

  3. so…seen the spolier now that Ive actaully sat you down and showed it to you – the spoiler, sick git!

  4. Hobbit says:

    No going to bother. Spent far too much money on it last year.

  5. Ian Mc says:

    I’m afraid Francesca was far too excited to be bothered with an album and we have stuck ours on sheets of A4. A henious crime to be sure – but she had fun. No stickers arrived in this weeks RT (we subscribe), not sure if I can be bothered to ring up for them though.

  6. Ian Mc says:

    Stick ’em up Punks we’re the Fun Lovin’ Criminals!

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