New Year, New Fear

Well, that’s it for another year. It always amazes me how quickly Christmas/New Year whiz by. I’m now in my second week back at work and things are starting to settle into place again, as if there was no holiday at all. Now is probably a good time to quickly look back on what happened, before it vanishes completely.

I had a lot of Wii and Doctor Who over ‘the festive period’. By Wii I mean a lot of people playing with my Wii, it doing various tours over that time (to the point where I’d given up setting it back up at home, instead leaving it in a bag ready for the next excursion). By Doctor Who I mean, of course, the Christmas Day Confidential, The Runaway Bride and Cardiff Concert, plus Radio 7’s new 8th Doctor story (The Blood of the Daleks), the Sarah Jane Adventures and the Torchwood finale. That’s a lot of Doctor Who. Oh, and there was 3 hours of something on Radio 1 on Christmas Day too, of which I heard only snippets of David Tennant being interviewed between pop songs (I think I’ve got it recorded somewhere, I’ll have to find some time to listen at some point, maybe).

A good time was had, if far too quick (no comments back there..!) To be honest I was a little disappointed with the TV offerings this Christmas. I had much hope for the likes of The Ruby in the Smoke, The Hogfather and Dracula. They were all okay, not bad and not all that great, either. Also, what is it with this Marc Warren chap?! He’s everywhere! The Hogfather, Dracula and two DVDs of the brilliant BBC series Hustle as Christmas presents (with twelve episodes of this Warren fellow) was a little more than anyone can stomach over such a short period! Hustle, as I say, is a brilliant TV series – don’t be put off by his presence, it really is an ensemble cast and clever and witty to boot. You owe it to yourself to see some of it. Sadly nothing this Christmas came up to that standard for me, not even any of the Doctor Who battalion. I won’t go through a list of all the generous gifts I received this Christmas but I should also mention another great DVD – Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure. Again, that was also a cut above the new TV that was churned out this winter solstice period. More of Googlewhacks in the future, I suspect. That and hope for the forthcoming TV series coming along in the next few months, such as the new Doctor Who, Life on Mars and another series of Hustle.

What’s this end of year really about, though? It’s not TV or computer games. Spending time with friends and family? Yes. There’s more to it than that, though. There’s the whole calendar change business and the thoughts that brings with it. Me, I’ve always tended to look more to the future than the past. Perhaps that’s part of why I like SF so much (or, perhaps, the other way around). I imagine some people look back on the year. I don’t really do that. No, I worry about the future instead. What bad things does the coming year hold? Generally very few in my, so far, fortunate life but that doesn’t stop you thinking about the bad things that could go wrong. Not much of a celebration really! Then there’s the immediate return to work after the all too brief holiday… The tail end of that break is never good! Fortunately the sensations don’t tend to last too long before it’s business as usual. That’s where I am now. That’s both a good and a bad thing – for now I am looking neither forward nor backward! No, that’s not true. I’m looking forward to unpacking my Wii again!

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  1. hobbit says:

    Although I like to look forward, I try not to spend too much time worrying (I’d never leave the house if I did). Thoroughly enjoyed Christmas and New Year – can’t imagine a quiet festive season. It would drive me to drink.
    Looking forward to what 2007 will bring 🙂

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