Despite urgent appeals by the U.N.

I shall be singing in this year’s Mr Dalek Christmas story. It’s 05.26 and I’ve been working on the bloody thing since early evening …probably about a good 9 and a half hours. It’s my own fault, of course…I made a rod for my own back when I said, innocently to Karen, ‘I know, why don’t I write this year’s Mr Dalek story?’. I thought I’d be giving her more time to write something special – and hopefully I have….I just didn;t realise what a project our Skaroan friend was going to turn into this year. Apart from the fact it’s cost me nearly 20 quid on dvds, (you’ll see why), the track is nearly, you guessed it, seventeen minutes long and features my dulcet tones twice. You have been warned – as have the listening public as I thought it only fair to place a warning at the top of the track, lol.

The Staggering Stories’ team know roughly what the story is this year – as for the rest of you, expect to see some childhood memories severly slaughtered….

And if I don’t get sued it’ll be a miracle…

as it is, the Christmas update is shaping up to be one of our biggest and best yet…there’s more then one mp3 on it’s way, that much I can tell you…..

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  1. Keith dunn says:

    I have heard it, it reats up there with Shatner the horror ho the horror

  2. Andy Simpkins says:

    “Mr Tambourine Man” comes to mind but on the whole,Mr Dalek Goes To Chigley comes out very well….a big thumbs-up from me.

  3. The End is Nigh! In a short few days now the horror that is Mr Dalek will be unleashed – again! We won’t even talk about the ‘singing’ – that won’t help the poor overstretched people at the Samaritans this Christmas!

  4. I sense another ‘Black Monday’ approaching….

  5. hantsbear says:

    You will be hearing from the United Nations in Geneva about this outrage!

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