Shop assistants have no sense of humour.

If they insist on stocking and re-stocking the shelves with every Doctor Who toy on the market, they have to expect people to press every button on every toy until the shop sounds like there is a war going on between Daleks, Cybermen and K9s while a million TARDISes take off and land.

Getting grumpy about it really is unnecessary. 🙂

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  1. Ian Mc says:

    Try Woolies in Redhill – the Who toys are stacked on a shelf mid store and the staff don’t seem to give a sh*t! Not that I go in frequently to press the buttons on toys I can’t justify buying, of course!

  2. I imagine it must get a bit irritating for the shop assistants but it’s more than time the customers had payback for having to listen to those dreadful Christmas tunes every shop pumps out this time of year!

    You could, of couse, get all abnoxious with the shop assistants. Get a big wodge of cash out, wave it in their face and sneer “loads’a money” at them!

  3. hobbit says:

    um…can I borrow a big wodge of cash please…?

  4. he no longer has a big wodge of cash – its hanging on his telly room wall………

  5. Yes, my big wodge of cash is just a folded up tenner now… Fold it up enough times and it looks quite thick – a thick postage stamp, that is. Probably just as well, the Head of Pertwee wants me to buy him a TARDIS toy – I don’t think he realises it doesn’t really travel in time and space, I blame the lack of oxygen to his brain…

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