DWPA Podcast #002: The Eleventh Hour London Launch Event – 3rd April 2010


Welcome to the second Doctor Who Podcast Alliance joint podcast, recorded at the London Launch Event for Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour.

In attendance were podcasters Dave Keep (Professor Dave’s Ark in Space), Tony Gallichan (the Flashing Blade), Adam J Purcell (our very own Staggering Stories) and Laura and Chris Sigma (The Ood Cast).

A big thank you must go out to Jeremy Bentham and his illustrious team for all their hard work in organising the event. Also another big thank you to everyone that spoke to us, both on and off mic – without you there would be no podcast!

  • 00:00 – Theme tune
  • 00:29 – Welcome!
  • 01:33 – Before the screening:
  • 01:33 – Professor Dave talks to the queue
  • 13:06 – Tony Gallichan talks with organiser Jeremy Bentham
  • 18:50 – After the screening:
  • 19:04 – Tony Gallichan talks with Alan Stevens and Fiona from Magic Bullet
  • 21:47 – Adam J Purcell talks with Chris S and Laura from the Ood Cast
  • 29:21 – Professor Dave talks with attendees including Nicola, Ronny, Meg and Richard!
  • 33:20 – Tony Gallichan talks with artist Tony Clark.
  • 39:50 – Adam J Purcell talks with attendees Ian and Wyn.
  • 43:11 – Tony Gallichan talks with writer and editor Anthony Brown
  • 46:24 – A bumper from the wonderful Philip Madoc who was in attendance.
  • 46:34 – Wrapping it up
  • 47:09 – Closing music, etc.

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