Staggering Stories Podcast #57: Judoon Goon with a Spoon

Judoon with toothache.Show Summary:
Andy Simpkins, Adam J Purcell, ‘Fake’ Keith, Jean Riddler and the ‘Real’ Keith Dunn talk about the Sarah Jane Adventures: Prisoner of the Judoon, Doctor Who: Gallifreyan Crown Court – Conventions in the dock, Flash Forward, get a 30 second recommendation, find lots of general news, and a variety of other stuff, specifically:

  • 00:00 – Intro and theme tune.
  • 01:09 — Welcome!
  • 02:07 – News:
  • 02:32 — Doctor Who: New Logo and Insignia.
  • 05:57 — Doctor Who: Barry Letts has died.
  • 07:42 — Dollhouse: Will not be yanked off early.
  • 10:17 — Les Miserables: A film version in the works?
  • 12:10 — Doctor Who: Cubicle 7 Roleplaying Game character sheet published.
  • 14:07 – The Sarah Jane Adventures: Prisoner of the Judoon.
  • 25:45 – Doctor Who: Gallifreyan Crown Court – Conventions.
  • 34:18 – 30 Second Recommendation: The Asphyx.
  • 35:38 – Flash Forward.
  • 45:23 – Emails and listener feedback.* Hit us yourself at
  • 68:03 – Farewell for this podcast!
  • 63:27 — End theme, disclaimer, copyright, etc.

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3 Responses to "Staggering Stories Podcast #57: Judoon Goon with a Spoon"

  1. For those of you who have asked, here’s Nea’s full recipe:

    (please note: I cook by volume and am guessing at metric weights. Sorry.)

    Mix the dry ingredients:
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    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1 cup/100 g/240 ml hot fudge ice cream topping. (Nutella or Cadbury spread for bread ought to work. NOT chocolate syrup; it’s too thin.)

    Stir the wet and dry ingredients together and add 1 cup/100 g/a huge handful of chocolate chips. Pour into a buttered pan.

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    Note: You could probably do a Christmas version with peppermint cocoa powder, peppermint extract, and breaking up peppermints on top.


  2. Peggy says:

    I love your podcast. I can’t remember when I have last heard adults have so much fun. Can I come and play at your house?

  3. chocolate brownies…

    Interesting chocolate brownies post….

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