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Staggering Stories Podcast #50: The Insanity of Cake

The Staggering Stories team, celebrating!Show summary: Andy Simpkins, Adam J Purcell, Fake Keith, Jean Riddler and the ‘Real’ Keith Dunn eat cake, talk about their Favourite and Least Favourite bits of Doctor Who, see a Fight Club face off between Old and New Captain Kirks, experience a frightening vision of the future, feel the ire of the Agony Nanny, overindulge in a game of Swanee-Kazoo, find some general news, and a variety of other stuff (especially cake), specifically:

  • 00:00 – Intro and theme tune.
  • 00:49 — Welcome (with celebratory cake)!
  • 06:36 – News:
  • 06:59 — Torchwood: UK Children of Earth ratings (no spoilers!)
  • 08:23 — Heroes: Is Claire going to bat for the other team?
  • 09:39 — View-Master: The Movie coming?
  • 11:07 — T J Hooker: a film in the works? Let’s hope not…
  • 13:00 — Hong Kong Phooey: The Movie!
  • 14:38 – Doctor Who: Favourite and Least Favourite Bits.
  • 28:37 – Fight Club: Original Captain Kirk vs. New Captain Kirk.
  • 33:14 – Real Keith presses the Future Podcast button:
  • 33:19 — Intro and theme tune.
  • 33:39 — Welcome!
  • 34:12 — News:
  • 34:24 ——- Doctor Who: New spin-off series confirmed.
  • 35:46 ——- William Shatner: compromise on where his body will be displayed.
  • 37:22 — Doctor Who: Revenge of the Nimon, part 1.
  • 50:20 – Nanny Ireland: The Agony Nanny
  • 51:34 – Swanee-Kazoo: Guess the Theme Tune.
  • 53:36 – Emails and listener feedback.* Hit us yourself at
  • 59:04 – Farewell for this podcast!
  • 59:35 — End theme, disclaimer, copyright, etc.
  • 60:19 — Outtakes and a couple of interloping interlopers!

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2 Responses to "Staggering Stories Podcast #50: The Insanity of Cake"

  1. Scardis says:

    OK Who forgot to change the locks after Tony left Staggering Stories, better get that one sorted.
    any one of the previous versions of Real Keith could stumble in anytime they want causing a big pardox the siz of Luxembourg.
    In all (relative) seriousness though congrats on the big 50 podcasts, and congrats to Fake Keith for getting an edited version out there.

  2. Ian says:

    Hurrah… well done. What a tremendous effort, many congratulations and jolly bad luck on the French. Oh and Adam… best you change the locks eh?

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