Last Night of the Proms: an adventure

Once upon a time there were seven strange people.

Their names were Keith… Keith

Adam… Adam

Karen… Karen

Andy and Jane… Andy and Jane

Andrew… Andrew

and Jamie… Jamie

One day, they decided to get on the train and go to Hyde Park for the Last Night Of The Proms.

But before they even got to the station Andy Andy had a very close call.

He, Jane, Keith and Andrew were driving along in his little car when Keith spotted something scary.

A big, hairy spider was crawling up the back of Andy’s shirt – a VERY big, VERY hairy spider.

scary spider
Keith wondered what to do – should he ignore it and hope it went away or should he alert Andy to his peril and hope he didn’t crash the car whilst trying to deal with the arachnid.

There was a chance of course that Andy would flick the spider into the back of the car and Keith didn’t want that to happen – it really was a scary-looking spider – so he sat back and twiddled his thumbs and watched the spider creep closer and closer to Andy’s ear.

They arrived at the station, parked the car and all got out.

Then, being a good mate, Keith said ‘There’s a little spider on your shoulder, Andy’ and waked off at a very brisk pace with Andrew.

Behind him, Andy was screaming like a woman and flapping madly at his shoulder, hopping from foot to foot while the spider held on for dear life.

Finally Jane picked it up and put it on the ground. It ran away.

Andy puffed his chest out in a manly fashion and tried to look butch, but he had blown it and the others giggled at him behind his back for the rest of the evening.

After an uneventful train journey they arrived in London and trotted off to Hyde Park.

Despite taking a ridiculously long time to get into the park due to the etremely questionable organisation, once they had settled down in their chairs they were feeling very patriotic… patriotic moment

The programme promised that Terry Wogan would be hosting the evening and it was agreed among the group that Big Tel was a good bloke who would be amusing to listen to.

But before Big Tel took to the stage they were forced to endure the ‘talents’ of Chas and Dave and Chico.

Andrew was less than impressed… Less than impressed

But finally The Mighty Wogan took to the stage and the evening became amusing and entertaining with good music aplenty and refreshments within easy reach.

Despite his great age, Lionel Ritchie – he of 80s fame – bounced around the stage and sang some songs. He was very good.

The moon came out… Moon and it got a bit nippy.

Andrew, Jamie and Adam all tried to wrap themselves up in the same blanket because they were wussy’s.

The stage looked very pretty in a spooky, the-aliens-have-landed kind of way… spooky

After much patriotic dancing and flag waving and singing at the tops of their voices during Pomp and Circumstances they all went home.

The train was very VERY crowded and by the time they got back to Crawley Andy was begining to wish the spider had eaten him – it would have been less stressful.

But overall, they all agreed, it had been a fun evening and Terry Wogan is to be admired and not mocked.

2 Responses to "Last Night of the Proms: an adventure"

  1. I’m so sorry, Keith ‘waked off’ with his son?????

    I’m going to social services!!!!

    So glad you had a good time….I did likewise, in the comfort of my own home and with my dolby surround sound, widescreen television – no chico!!

    who got the better deal here, hmm?

    😛 😛

  2. Poor Andy – it was a large spider. Well, okay, not one of these bird eating spiders large but quite big. For this country. Just. Maybe.

    As for Macfadyan’s reclusive TV watching – it’s hardly the same as sitting with your friends to enjoy it, being in the middle of events. I think I can say we got the better deal, even with Chico and Chas ‘n Dave there! It’s as much about the experience as the music.

    As you can tell from Hobbit’s great blog entry – it was an excellent adventure! 🙂

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