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Staggering Stories Podcast #49: Daleks Are Special, Too

Mr DalekShow summary: Andy Simpkins, Adam J Purcell, Fake Keith, Jean Riddler and the ‘Real’ Keith Dunn talk (extensively!) about Doctor Who’s Daleks, dig up some Escape Pod Discs, get a 30 second recommendation, find lots of general news, and a variety of other stuff, specifically:

  • 00:00 – Intro and theme tune.
  • 01:11 — Welcome!
  • 01:37 – News:
  • 02:03 — Torchwood: Children of Earth UK airdates.
  • 03:16 — Sarah Jane Adventures: Nigel Havers and Brian Miller cast.
  • 04:33 — Heroes: Bryan Fuller quits (again).
  • 05:22 — Indiana Jones: more fifth film talk.
  • 07:47 — Teen Wolf: a TV series is in development…
  • 08:40 — Farrah Fawcett has died.
  • 09:41 — New Doctor Who Roleplaying Game isn’t dead, after all.
  • 11:15 — Tron: more new film details.
  • 12:17 – Doctor Who: Daleks (in general).
  • 42:57 – El Presidente.
  • 44:23 – Benjamin Elliott’s 30 Second Recommendation: Legend.
  • 46:02 – Escape Pod Discs:
  • 46:28 — Lizaanne.
  • 49:38 — Sarah M.
  • 51:45 – Emails and listener feedback.* Hit us yourself at
  • 67:59 – Farewell for this podcast!
  • 68:23 — End theme, disclaimer, copyright, etc.

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5 Responses to "Staggering Stories Podcast #49: Daleks Are Special, Too"

  1. wyn says:

    Sterling effort chaps and chapesses.
    One query though, what happened to Fake Keith? The only time she’s been that quiet in previous discussions are when:
    1 She’s been dared to keep quiet
    2 She’s been ill
    3 She’s been in a strop

    If it’s 1, shame on you, if it’s 2, get well soon, if it’s 3, cheer up, I still love you 😉

    Bod be with you

  2. We clearly did a very bad job explaining it (or maybe we didn’t really explain it at all – I’ll have to listen back to it to know for sure!) Tim Drury was worried Fake Keith wouldn’t ever be back!

    No, there weren’t any dares involved and no stroppiness! It was option 2 – she wasn’t feeling very well at all! Don’t fear though – it wasn’t anything serious, just a common lurgy. She assures me she is much better now, so we should all be back for the next one – podcast 50!

  3. Monsieur Tin Dog Bloke, with these podcasts, you’re really spoiling us!

    Well, not literally (unless people outside the UK are listening but that’s their own fault!) I have trouble enough just keeping up with all the podcasts that are coming out, let alone putting one out a day myself! Very impressive. Very interesting to hear a day by day analysis, as it broadcasts, rather than (as we will do) a round up after the fact (once all the facts are in, every fact has been twisted into submission and most facts are totally ignored!)

  4. indeed. I think thats the reason I’m a oneman podcast.. lets me record at midnight or 5am or in a traffic jam . thanks to my v portable mp3. I will however be pleased when COE finishes so i can go back to buisness as usual and do my Black Guardian reviws.

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