The Return from Egypt

We are safely back from Egypt. It’s almost like we were never there already!

I can’t speak for the others, though I’m sure they’ll agree, I had a fantastic time. So much to do there, so little time.  I plan to do a proper travelogue entry on the main Staggering Stories site for the next update.  In the meantime, here are a few more photos (I took over a 1000 photos!):


Dendera Temple


Some more of Dendera Temple, with adventurer!


Some local fishermen on the Nile.


One last picture of a Pyramid, with various modes of transport.

3 Responses to "The Return from Egypt"

  1. smashing pics 🙂

    now get recording!

  2. wyn says:

    I echo the sentiments of the Tin Dog Bloke… record old woman, record like the wind!

  3. Record? What’s that? I think my mind was addled by the pyramids of Mars (or was it Cairo?)

    Don’t fear! Another podcast will appear!

    We huddled around the mics again on Monday night and ‘Fake Keith’ is desperately trying to bash the podcast into shape. I certainly hadn’t recovered from the holiday by Monday evening. I think the others picked up the slack but I was too out of it to really tell! ‘Fake Keith’ always does wonders with the edit, so I’m sure it will be another good one (but if one of us sounds like a zombie, that’s me going for the brains!)

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