Staggering Egypt Holiday

Just a quick note to say that the three Staggering Stories Podcast team members that were due to holiday in Egypt (those being Adam, Fake Keith and Real Keith – plus two others not ever heard in the podcast) have arrived safely.

In fact we could go so far as to say we are having a great (but exhausting) time of it right now!

Here’s a few quick photos taken with my new camera. These are the JPEG versions without any kind of editing. At some point I’ll bring the RAW files into a tool to improve them.  Right click and ‘View Image’ to see them without the browser/Wordpress forced image resizing that gives those nice jaggies…

Adam (me) going native.

Luxor Temple – it’s tall!


Three of the great pyramids at Cairo


The Spinx with pyramids in the background (all arty and sunsetty!)


The Nile at dusk.

6 Responses to "Staggering Egypt Holiday"

  1. Ian Mc says:

    You’re a towel-head! With a Bear Grylls T-shirt… though for a moment I did think it was a Ghostbusters uniform!

  2. Andy Simpkins says:

    Oh dear, El Presidente has gone all Jihadi on us……He has a headscarf and he has a rucksack on his back,doubless with a copy of the Koran in it.Did you see the names carved into the columns in the Colonade at the Temples of Ammon-Ra? Hope your haggling skills are up to scratch lol.Keep us all posted as to where you are all going next.

  3. Back to capitalist pig-dog mecca – the McDonald’s in Luxor! Yes – I know, but Jamie wanted to visit and it does have free Wifi..!

    Been so many places, seen so much! Just got back from a sunset cruise on the Nile. Excellent stuff! Up at 05:00 again tomorrow for our last full day. We’re heading for another trip up the river, this time to Dendera. Should be good. So much to do, so little time!

    I don’t know about Ghostbusters but I certainly look like Indiana Jones! Haven’t found any Arks or aliens yet, though. Damn shame really – be so useful to have my disbelief of God refuted if I can direct his wrath as I command..!!!

  4. Ian Mc says:

    Unbeliever! The power of the mighty one will not be revealed to one who bathes himself in the earthly pleasures of McDonalds!

  5. Andy Simpkins says:

    Safe journey back to Blighty to you all.As Egyptians would say to you as a blessing:”May your tent echo with laughter,may your loins be fruitful and may the contents of a thousand camels bladders rain down upon you…..”

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