Podcast 23 – or ‘Hands of Davros.’

Just so folks know, I am currently unable to edit due to circumstances beyond my control. Podcast 23 will be edited by Adam – and Id just like to thank him for coming to the rescue at such short notice.


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  1. It’s coming along okay, I think. Five hours of editing last night took me up to the 1 hour mark (minus music, opening, Tin Dog promo, etc.). It’s looking to be about our standard length then..!

    Of course it’s not just podcast weekend, it’s also update weekend for the main Staggering Stories website. Much of that was already done earlier in the week, so I should (just) be able to bring it all together for tomorrow evening! A preview of things to come: 2 chapters of The Buccaneer Chronicles: Vampire Mutations, 2 chapters (season finale, at that!) of Rogue Warriors, the obligatory Caption Competition, perhaps a new piece of music, the podcast itself and, last but not least, I believe we have another great Doctor Who story by the world famous Leslie! Lots to look forward to!

    I really should get back to work, though. Keep an eye on tomorrow evening (UK time!)

  2. Dang nabbit! I’ve just reached 1:08 – the bit where I had to leave the room during the recording due to spoiler discussions on the next episode of Doctor Who! Given I still haven’t seen said episode yet, I cannot listen any further (and therefore cannot edit further…) I’ll just have to finish this up after Doctor Who Confidential tonight. That’s cut a few hours off my time…

    Oh, well, should still finish on schedule..!

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