Death by Podcast…?

Hmm…it appears we almost had our second ( casualty recently. Someone else was listening to our stuff – this time Dalek Empire Seven – Mr Dalek Invades Trumptonshire – whilst driving along the motorway; and yes, he nearly spun the car he was laughing so much.

I’m now starting to wonder if we can be held legally responsible for damages and/or death incurred whilst listening to Staggering Stories……

Suffice to say, Adam owns the site, so it’s his fault…


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  1. Much as I like to take credit for every death I’ve accidentally caused, I don’t think this one could have been pinned on me!

    The way I see it there are two possible people to blame here. 1) The author and narrator for the story in question. 2) the government that failed to make the road laugh-proof.

    Of course, as far as we know, nobody has yet died or been too seriously injured listening to our podcasts/stories. They may have come close a couple of times but have always lived to tell the tale (or, at least, no one who hasn’t lived has so far told us their tale). This makes me think that we generate a invisible safety field around our listeners. They may think they are in danger but, in reality, they are impervious to serious harm or serious death. Of course, if you know differently, please let us know. We are a scientific bunch and are always after empirical evidence!

  2. of corse you dont know if you have killed anyone… they are dead!

    but i just have to say that indeed…. you are mostly to blaim but the HUGE truck also was Driving very fast and far to close for my liking.

    Yes it was me…. I am the Second Victim!

  3. And just who was driving the truck, hmm? And for which meglomaniacal would-be world dictator?


  4. I strongly believe that our podcasts should carry some sort of health warning,or at least inform listeners that they should not be driving or operating any sort of heavy machinery.To quote Lady Bracknell;”To lose one listener may be regarded as misfortune. To lose two looks like carelessness or bad driving….”

  5. Hobbit says:

    My Lord Presidente, I apologise for my failure to suitable oil that patch of road. Rest assured, if you do not have me executed, the next time he goes for a drive, he will find his brakes annoyingly absent. Your will shall be done!

  6. she has a cold, you know…..

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