Official Staggering Stories warning

Dear viewers. It has been brought to my notice that the podcast below – series one, number seven Escape to Danger/Dalek Special can cause vehicle damage and personal injury.

Especially if its being listened to on a motorway slip road. One apparently ends up facing the wrong way.

Viewers are advised that we take NO responsibility for any injury or damage to persons or possesions that may happen whilst our podcasts are being listened to.

Especially if its the bit about ‘Eddie’s Hoover Accident’….

love and kisses


6 Responses to "Official Staggering Stories warning"

  1. Ill explain later….nothign to fear, oh Fake one….remember, its Purcell-Face that’ll be sued long before us 😛 Im saving the actual explanation for the podcast recording next week…..

  2. Makes you wonder how many people have been killed by podcasts. Perhaps we still have the chance to be the first to cause a death!

  3. Its an ambition, I suppose…..hmm..I feel we should embrace the idea of fullfilling this ambition..

  4. Andy Simpkins says:

    It’s Eddie’s Hoover Accident and Death By Milk-float all over again,I tell you……

  5. […] Hmm…it appears we almost had our second ( casualty recently. Someone else was listening to our stuff – this time Dalek Empire Seven – Mr Dalek Invades Trumptonshire – whilst driving along the motorway; and yes, he nearly spun the car he was laughing so much. […]

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