Testing…One two…One two…Testing…One…One two…

So, this is the blog thingy is it, hmm?

One writes one’s thoughts down, eh?

Ok, I’m bloody knackered! I need to do more laundry. Are those my feet? What the hell am I gonna do in the next Bibblethruster Noise Show – avalible to stream Mondays and Thursdays at 19.30 uk time and 0001 on Wednesdays from:

and to download once the last show of the week has been broadcast from:

I just don’t know.

For those folk who are perplexed by our Chief Scientist’s remarks about seemingly wasting time, I’d like to give you all a gentle reminder that Bank Holidays, time off etc is for relaxing. Watching dvds. Playing MMORPG thingies. Generaly being a slob. (And before anybody says’ what about DIY?’, don’t. Just don’t. I won’t be held responsible for the language I use, ok?


Now, where was I?

Oh yes…

I really must get the cat’s teeth looked at. Why do teeth itch? Why is a mouse when it spins? Are those really my feet? How do I switch this thing off…?


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