Staggering Stories Podcast #111: She is Quite Bony

Torchwood: Miracle DaySummary:
Adam J Purcell, Andy Simpkins, Fake Keith and the Real Keith Dunn talk about Torchwood: Miracle Day episodes one and two, plus the London Film and Comic Con 2011, find some general news, and a variety of other stuff, specifically:

  • 00:00 – Intro and theme tune.
  • 01:19 — Welcome!
  • 01:56 – News:
  • 02:04 — Jean Riddler: Morris dancing.
  • 02:21 — Doctor Who: Beth Willis bails out.
  • 05:15 — Torchwood: Miracle Day ratings looking good.
  • 07:30 — Doctor Who: T-shirtgate 2 – pulling Qwertwee.
  • 09:23 — Crumbly Gripe: Chris Tookey’s Dark Side.
  • 10:42 — Doctor Who: BBC Worldwide’s biggest money-spinner.
  • 13:35 – Torchwood: Miracle Days episodes 1 and 2.
  • 35:20 – London Film and Comic Con 2011.
  • 41:35 – Emails and listener feedback.* Hit us yourself at
  • 72:54 – Farewell for this podcast!
  • 73:22 — End theme, disclaimer, copyright, etc.

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10 Responses to "Staggering Stories Podcast #111: She is Quite Bony"

  1. Below is the feedback we kindly received for this podcast.

    These will be presented in rough order of when we received them. This won’t match the order in which we read them out!

    As ever, please feel free to comment on them here on the blog, though please note we won’t read any such replies on the podcast, for that please continue to email us at

    Thank you all!

    • Want to hear a heartbreaking story?

      I was in the UK over New Year and of course we had to go to Cardiff while we were over there. Loved Cardiff by the way, reminded me very much of Adelaide because it is so laid back and non-pretentious. (any listeners from Australia who do not live in Adelaide will be groaning right now, because it has a reputation of being a bit backward and “simple” – which from what I gather from being in the UK and also some UK TV programs, so does Cardiff).

      But anyway, we arrived on the 5th of January. We were staying in a hotel across the road from Cardiff Castle, a very nice hotel. We thought we would hold off visiting Cardiff Castle until the next day because we thought, Hey we’ll have more time to really see it. So the next day we went to visit. Stay with me here, I know if this was Graham Norton he would have pulled the lever by now, but this is going somewhere.

      We were at the castle on the 6th of January. There was a tent in the grounds which we thought was a bit weird. And as we were walking down one of the long hallways, there were some wooden supports that we assumed were part of some refurbishment. We didn’t think anything more of it, enjoyed the rest of our holiday, went home.

      Several months later, when watching the Confidentials for The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People we saw that some of it was filmed in Cardiff Castle and of course we had a frame of reference. But then in the Confidential we saw Matt Smith, Miss Knobknacker or whatever you call her and Arthur Darvill sitting in the tent we had seen. Also, the wooden structures down the hallway we had seen were the remnants of the set. Then we went online to some website that catalogues the filming days… to discover that they filmed at Cardiff Castle on the 5th.

      The very day that we had decided not to go because we wanted more time to really see it. When we were staying just across the road.

      As you can imagine, there were a fair amount of expletives uttered.

      Here are some more random thoughts:

      A TARDIS would be really handy when you are moving house. Just park it in the old house, load it up and materialise in the new house and unload it.

      The K9 series gives Australia a bad name. We can do better dramas than that.

      I saw a toy TARDIS in the background of a recent episode of Neighbours.

      The Eiffel Tower has an exhibition about how it has appeared in various films and TV shows… but City of Death is not mentioned. Surely BBC Worldwide is missing a trick there.

      Keep up the great podcast, have a nice day,

    • Hello there team and the one who sounds like Miranda Hart.

      Just a quick thought, how does River Song travel? How did she get to Demons Run, and how will she get Amy & Rory home?

      Is River Song still meeting the Doctor backwards in time, because it seems that in A Good Man… she meets him out of order?

      Is Rory the good man whom River kills?

      Why does Rory keep on dying? does the universe know that he is a anomaly and that he should not really exist?

      Why did the Silence want to destroy the Tardis?

      And surely when Rory died in Black spot and Amy saved him in the Tardis, The Doctor knew that Amy was a copy, so perhaps the Doctor telepathically told the Tardis to hold off saving Rory to see what copy Amy would do, knowing that the Tardis would save him no matter what happened?

      Hope this finds you all well,

      Oh Captain, My Captain

    • hiya team, and various soiled and sticky Amy’s.

      In your discussion about story arcs I was thinking that what if Doctor Who is not viewed as a series by the production team but as a serial with one episode flowing into the next. Then we would not be viewing a story arc, which would have to be fitted/slotted into various episodes as such, but one story broken down into episodes. That could be why this year if you miss an episode than you have missed a chapter of the story.

      Also about this not knowing when the next series will be broadcast, perhaps this is nothing more than a budget reason. Say the budget for the next 14 episodes is taken from 2011/2012 tax year, and Moffet knows what he wants to do for the 2013 series 50th bash and has already budgeted/costed it, and that special series would require extensive sfx which would mean that the budget would be eaten up so that they could only afford 10 episodes instead of 13/14, then surely the BBC knowing that it is the 50yh year and it wants a big bash would not want only 10 episodes. So then it makes sense to MAKE but hold over say 6 episodes from the 2011/2012 tax year and have them shown in 2013, thus making the 2013 series 16 episodes long, thus making it seem that they have spent big money for the 50th year.

      Hope that makes sense,


      Oh Captain, My Captain

    • Evening all,

      Well I do feel a little miffed. I think I must be the only person at the picnic not mentioned by name. Am I that forgettable??? I know I am only small and very quiet but surely I am noticeable! Perhaps because I was talking football and drinking alcohol with little Pete?

      Anyway feedback. “Arc Story” seasons only work with a certain length of season. Although the “Key to |Time” was only six stories you are correct in that having the first and last episodes only being “arc” episodes allowed for a free rein for the others. Within a 50 (or 2 * 50) minute story there is not this freedom or scope to develop. The arc needs to bring the plot in and then close it off. “Bad Wilf” worked because it did this by only being mentioned occasionally early on in the season then coming more to the fore at the end when the characters had settled down.

      Anyway to close a near accident. I listened this morning in the gym and was heading back for a shower and change when I was distracted by the comparison between tablets and bezels. I looked up as I was about to open the door to the changing room; the LADIES changing room! Quick shift into reverse……

      Anyway looking forward to “Nelson” next time around,

      Andy Ninny



      Who is Andy NINNY?

      Andy Nunney (well you knew that….)

    • Dear Team! The Head Of Pertwee, Cardboard, Plastic, Photographic Amy, by photographic I mean the picture Adam had taken (without any troubles I hope) with the lovely Karen.

      Before I start I must apologize for missing the deadline for your previous, Fake Keith edited episode, I was on holiday in New Zealand, and I’m to even sure if I managed to get this to you, if not then you will have a BIG amount of feedback from me in an episode coming up as I catch up!. Also, I must congratulate Fake Keith for editing that episode, I noticed there weren’t as many rude Adam jokes (I do dread what’s is going to be in this episode, after his little picture…).

      But now to podcast topics, Story Arcs, this is a very good topic for discussion and as with everything it is all down to personal opinion, some people (Adam and Real Keith by the sounds of it) prefer tightly intertwined, well written story arcs, such as season 5 of New Who (not so much with season 6, as has been discussed), or, from what I’ve heard, Babylon 5. Others may prefer not so tightly written arcs such as the Bad Wilf- no Wolf (plug for that brilliant podcast) season arc. Whereas other people, such as myself, don’t really care. I like theorizing and trying to figure things out, but it doesn’t bother me if there is one or not. But I do like the fact many fans live off that sort of thing!

      Back to season 6 of Doctor Who, I’m finding it hard to come up with an opinion of this season, it seems a bit too…shambolic. We have the brilliance of The Doctor’s Wife and A Good Man Goes To War, but then we have the first and second two-parters (the second was much more enjoyable for me though). I really don’t like the first two-pater, or maybe just the first episode. The Impossible Astronaut just seemed to be The BBC trying to get more American viewers and Steven Moffat doing it in an apparently controversial way, or rather it would’ve been controversial if it hadn’t been such a cope-out to archive what The BBC wanted. A lot of it was Moffat using Paradoxes (AGAIN!!!!) just to tell a rather poor story with convenient scenes in it, I.e Rory just noticing, out of the blue, the boat they needed, just as they needed it, where they needed it! Sorry for that cynical rant, I just really don’t like if after re-watching it. I will agree with Jean that the season has effected that story (not so much with the others) but that one just seemed to be Moffat saying “Look at when we’ve got, this is BIG this is COOL, and you’ll love trying to figure it out!”
      Now to story arcs in general Sci-Fi. I haven’t seen many convincing story arcs in shows (but I have heard about Babylon 5’s story arcs, as we all know), but I think one of the best shows for a mix of well written yet loosely done story arc is Stargate SG-1.

      The show started off with three seasons really well thought out and planned, with a cliffhanger leading from season one into two, I think (it’s been a while since I’ve seen it though) it’s that same with season 3. They started introducing newer, not so planned out elements in season 4, which then carried on into several other seasons after. I think one of the best things (interestingly) is that Stargate has, for most of it’s life, been in danger of being cancelled, so every season they’d tie up as many plot threads as they could by the end of the season, they started doing this after season 5 (which, I do believe is when they went form Showtime, to the as of then, Sci-Fi channel) and they got re-newed yearly, not getting two years every time they were re-newed.

      Now, when I say tying the plot threads I didn’t just mean AT the end of a season, I mean by. This was easily done for them because it’s an American- no, sorry Canadian, show and it has 22 episodes a season, unlike Who. I do prefer that, it flows better for a show. So Adam, that’s another reason why it may be worth, if you find the time, watching a bit more of that complete Stargate SG-1 boxset you have. I understand if you can’t find the time, what with having edit the podcast, work, and other great shows such as Torhwood being on TV.

      Speaking of Torchwood, I thought that the first episode of Miracle Day was finically superb! I do have to say to those of you in Britain complaining that the BBC is broadcasting it after the US, Canada and Australia, the massage that we Doctor Who fans have been receiving from you for a long time now; Deal with it. I understand that you have the License Fee, but it’s only a week after us, so I’m sure you can cope. Or download it- I mean, move to America and watch it.

      Anyway my thoughts. The first episode was definitely a set up episode, and an introduction to new viewers, but I think that it’s living up the to high standards Children Of Earth put in place. By high standards I mean high standards in Writing, Acting, production, and music (Murray is a hero!).

      I do have admit when I saw ‘by Russell T Davies’ I had a happy smile on my face, I’ve missed him. I think that some people are being a bit too defensive about it being too American, I don’t think so. As Kai Owen said in an interview, it is fairly American, there the American accents, places, and actors, but there’s also Eve and him (both being Welsh), there’s always been BAARRROOOMEEENNNN!!! *Shakes fists* with his American accent, and I do trust Russell that they will have the quirky moments most British shows have, it’s only one episode, people are being too picky, I think.

      Now after that longer than normal e-mail, I will leave you for now.

      Good bye,

    • Hello team.

      This is gonna be a long one. I know!

      I Dont expect you to read the whole thing out, so here is a quick oveview of ehats comign up ; Misfits Series 1 / The Harry Potter Books / The Harry Potter Films / Plus a few other Things

      Harry Potter and The Philosephers Stone
      Book ; The Shortest book of The Series, and a very good read. Introduign characetrs and concepts from Across all Seven Books neatly Slipped In. Harry is an incredibly likable character (exception fo some bits of book 5, but that was sllightly intended), and Ron is very strategic (Chess being my main link for htis, but he does wokr out a fair chunk of whats goign on, and is a good friend to harry by what he says, always trying ot bring out the posotive in things), and Hermione is a bit annoying at the start, but as she starets to forget about books, disregard the rules, and fall in lvoe with ron, she does become ratehr lovely. Quirrell is a bit one sided. not to sure why he sided with voldermrot. Snape is brilliant

      Film ; The Honey/Goldon colour of the first two films gies it a nice warm, magical feel. Hogwarts looks magnificent, The Charcaters are protrayed brilliantly – especially Alan Rickman

      Favourie Line – Ollivander ; I Think it is clear, that we can expect great things from you

      Harry Potter and The Chambr of Secrets
      Book ; This is an absolutley AMAZING BOOK! I Just love it The Story is great Love it,

      Film ; The film jis even better. Scary, Brilliant LONG – Which is a good thing. I like watching All 3 lord fo the rings films in one go evrey now and then. Dont give me an hour and a half give 6!. But back to th eplot. Its clever how the diray is a horcrux. Might be a bit important later….
      New Characetrs ; Lucius Malfoy – If onyl this was Audio. My Luciuc impression is great (Althoguh, i am biased.) But Jason isscas is fantastci (Running out of words to describe the great cast here HELP. Wonder why.) Gidleory Lockheart – Anoyingly Good. Dobby – Harry Potter! I Like Dobby. My DObby impression si good, bu it hurts me to do it. Ginny – Cute.

      Favourite Line ; Malfoy ; Let us hope that Mr Potter will always Be around to save the Day

      Least Favourite Line(s) ; Harry ; Dont worry, I Will Be / Dont worry. Its Just a Memory. (Cringe)

      Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban
      Book ; Clever, but not me favourite. Good thought. I Like the twist of who sirius is.

      Film ; Like The time turner stuff. Alfonso Cuaron does do sinem good shots, but, i just seems to different from films 1 and 2, so im a bit iffy on some of this film. But teh time turner sequence is brilliant, search youtube for a video which matchs up the H/R/H And Future verisons toghetehr, its hilarious.

      New Charcters ; Lupin i love great charcter davdi thewlis is great. cvant belive he died. Siirus is great to. cant belive he died. Wormtail is a bit nasty. Glad he died. Trawleny didnt die, but shes funny.

      Favourite Line ; Ron ; The spiders. They want me to tap dance. i dont want to tap dance, Harry ; You Tell those spiders ron.

      Favourite Line 2 ; Sirius ; The People who love us never truely lkeave us. you can always find them in here (Look out for a reprise of this in he new film)

      Favorutie Line 3 ; Snape ; Well Well Well Lupin. Out for a little walk in the moonlight (God, Give Alan Rickamn Five lines and you’ll be there for half an hour. Its like wathcign primeval)
      Favorutie Line 4 ; Sirius (To Snape) ; Why dont you run along and play with your chemisty set.

      Least Favorutie Line ; Hermione ; Is That really what my hair looks like from the back.

      Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire
      Book ; LOVE IT. Big – Good. Amaizng, Brilliant. word to descirbe good book. uh.

      Film ; Great, But strange. But love it.

      New Charcters ;
      Mad Eye Moody (Real) ; Love im.
      Braty Crouch ; Creepy
      Braty Crocub Jr. ; Im Im The Doctor.
      Ludo Bagman ; Why did they cut him from the film
      Lord Voldermort ; Scary. I was properly scared of him when i first saw this film.

      Favourite Line ; Vodlemrort ; Im going to kill you. / Looka t me Harry Potter. I Wnat to the see the light go out in your eyes when i kill you!

      Least Favorutie Linbe ; Harry ; I Love Magic

      Harry Potetr and The Order of The Phionex

      Book; My favorutie of The Books

      Film ; My least favourite film.

      Maybe this is down to the lack fo steve kloves. Its not David Yates, cause he made my favoutire film. hm.

      New Charcters ;
      Umbridge ; reading her makes me want to hit someone. A lot. Great Charcetr
      Tonks ; Love ehr in the books. One of my fav charcters. But shes barley in the films. She has like no lines in films 6-8.
      Kingsley ; See above.
      Bellatrix ; I Love Her. That Tight leather… No. Stop. you cant betaray Karen Gillan and Her legs. No. WAait i can. Love HBC.
      Favourite Lines ; Siirus ; It feels like it did last time
      Umbridhe ; Depe down, Ypou knwo, You deserve to eb punsiehd.

      Harry Potetr and The Half Blood Prince
      Book ; I Love this book, But i just have thsi strange feeling when i read it. I Dont knwo whatr this feeling is, but it just intruges me. Its not the feeling of somehting being worng, not the feeling of somehting being right, its just a feeling.

      Film ; My favorutie film Soudnbtrack si amaxing. I Want to find the Lighting guy and Kiss him. I do hope its a woman though. (HBC Maybe?)

      New Charcters ; Slughorn is good. No other new ones i dont think?

      Harry Potetr and The Deathly Hallows
      Book ; Prtty good job.

      Film 1 ; Love it.

      Favoruite Lines form Film 1 ; Lupin (Syaing the Last words dumbeldore spoke to him) ; Harry si the best hope we have, trust him.

      And Harry OPotter and The Deathly Hallwos part 2 looks A-MA-ZING!

      And Now, As coswen by You Misfits!
      Epsidoe 1. So Superpowers and Azbos. Good Mix of stuf there. I Liked this episode, I was a bit freakd out about the probation worker. 8/10

      Epsidoe 2. So. Granny banging. This epsidoe wasnt as good as the first but it had boobs, so 7/10

      Episode 3. So. Hair falling out. This one wasnt as good as the last two 6/10

      Episode 4. So. Turing back time – \Thsi is my fvaourite epsidoe of series 1. and when curtis goes to the future where they others got killed. Natahn is alive WHY? Becasue hes immortall. 9/10

      Episode 5. So. SImon goe suncharcetristaclly scary. But in a good way. Althgoug he does kill someone. Thats not good. 8/10

      Epsiode 6. So. Nathans dead. 9/10

      SEIRES 2
      Episode 1. So. Nathans Alive. And some freaky girl is changign into peiple and giving simon a blowjob. 9/10

      Epsidoe 2. So. Nathan sees dead people. 7/10

      Episode 3. So. SImon is the masked man. and He can touch alisha without want to fuck her. wonder why. 9/10. But the reveal of who amsked man is is a briliant sequence (Note, i did guess it becuase after series 1 aired, th emsifts website put a photo of the wall with the clcoks, and i first thoguht it was somehting simon had done, caus eof the photos, but then i realsied he must be masked man!)

      Episode 4. So. Simon is dead. 9/10

      Epsiode 5. So. Kellys shagged a gorilla. 6/10

      Episode 6. So. The world has found out about the groups powers. 10./10

      Epsiode 7. So. NSImosn going to killm Jesus. And theyve all lost their pwoer,s but their goign to get new ones. 9/10

      And Now, The Cast of msifits
      Nathan – Immortality. Funny, Annoying, Dead but nto rwally dead.
      Simon – Invsiibility. Pervy. Masky, Dead-y
      Curtis – Time Travel (ish). Running. Boring. Nothing
      kelly – Teleoathy. Slutty. Weepy. Loudy.
      ALisha – overwhelming sexual arousal. Hotty. Cty-y. Soemhting elsey.

      Favorutie Quotes ; *Throws rock at car* What is your problem? are you mentally deranged?”Nathan ” if i was mentally derangd i would have missed. Look at that! bullseye!

      Kelly ; call me a bitch one more time i will kick you so hard in the cunt your mum will feel it

      Nathan: “Did you suddenly grow a set of balls?” Simon: “I’ve always had a set of balls; you’ve just never seen them!” Nathan “That is about the gayest thing I’ve ever heard!”

      Nathan ; SAVE ME BARRY!!!

      Nathan ; ‘Be good to my mum or i’ll take you to the vet to be put down’

      “in the end no matter what i do, its my friends and family that will get hurt” “wait what…is that from spiderman???”

      Nathan ; She’s got you thinking this is how your supposed to be, WELL ITS NOT! We’re young, we’re supposed to drink too much, were supposed to have bad attitudes and shag each others brains out!We are designed to party, this is it! Yea so a few of us will overdose or go mental but Charles Darwin said you cant make a omelet with out braking a few eggs and thats what its all about, breaking eggs and by eggs i do mean gettin’ twated on a cocktail of class A’s. If you could just see yourselves! it breaks my heart! YOUR WEARING CARDIGANS! We had it all. We fucked up bigger and better than any generation that came before us. WE WERE SO BEAUTIFUL! We’re screw ups, I’m a screw up and I plan to be a screw up until my late 20’s or maybe even early 30’s and I will shag my own mother before I let her or anyone else take that away from me!”

      Nathan ; A man can’t have a shuffle in his own coffin ?

      Nathan ; taking a couple of specials for a walk in the sunshine

      Nathan ; Can we please stop killing our probation workers?!?!”

      Nathan ; ‘we’re like the Mitchell brothers, only we’re not bald, ugly and shit’

      where is conti?”Nathan: “oh that’d be him, hes a right conti!”

      Nathan: I mean we did sod all with our powers but at least we never abused them. We never raped or murdered anyone. Curtis: She raped me and we killed loads of people.

      Nathan: Come on man, it all adds up. Do the maths.
      Simon: There is no maths.
      Nathan: Right, she was here + no one else was around x she caught me leering at her semi-naked divided by the weird shit that happens to us = GUILTY.

      Nathan; The siren call of a blow job renders all men powerless. That’s how girls trick you into marrying them.”
      New probation worker: “But seriously… we’ve all got things we’d rather be doing. Going to see your mates. A little recreational drug use. Making love to your beautiful Italian girlfriend, yeah?… I’m talking about me.”

      Nathan ; theres only one thing young ladies should be inserting into themselves….and thats knowledge

      Nathan ; Okay, alright, alright. I’ll give you a clue. I’m an annoying cunt.
      Alisha: Yeah, we know that.

      Ben: If you’ve got any questions, just ask Nathan: If a bear and a shark had a fight, who would win?

      Nathan ; ‘Ooh Cornettos”.

      So. I Think thats enoughm, don you?Overall. Misfits is good 9/10.

      so, Thats one thing done. ut what to revie wnext – Is it Being Human Series 3, or Amy Ponds Skirt?

      Now. I Have noticed that the hp books are all rather similar, like so.

      1/7 – Sirius’ Bike / Gringotts / Dragons / Ollivander / Griphook / Kings Cross, and some other stuff…

      2/6 – A Lack of Voldemrort, but still aprescene of him via meorys / Horcruxes / Ginny / Dobby

      3/5 – The Prescense of Sirius and Lupin / Questions abotu Snape / Misbelfs abiut peopel (Harry/Sirius) The Feeling of anger iside Harry
      Book 4 isw the tipping piont, the only one that ahs a completly different feel and tone to the others.

      Phew. Tnis is long. im going now. I Gues si will revie torchwood COE, The therre new radio plays, And mircale day ep 1, anlogn with Deathyl Hallwos part 2 next week. If tis anyhting near as long as this, then

      god help you.

      Tired after writing for a whole whpur stragiht MISTER M

      P.S Here is a link for a yotube video
      not sci-fi, but its great.

      P.P.S Is it stuck in your head yet.

    • Hello Staggering Stories Team! (and assorted inanimate beings),

      I’ll try and keep this brief, but I apologise in advance for the long names.

      Crashing on.

      I got lucky enough to be bought a ticket to go and see Doctor Faustus (the f-ow-st-us pronunciation is the correct one) at the globe.
      Informed before hand by a friend who’d seen it where to stand for “optimal Darvill” we positioned ourselves by the ramp to watch the play.

      For those not familiar with either the globe theatre, or the story i’ll briefly try to summarise both. The Globe is an edwardian re-construction
      theatre, complete with thatched roof. Something they had to get special permission for as it’s been outlawed since the great fire. Being as
      close to the original as possible, they use edwardian style costumes and techniques, no microphones or comfy seats here, theres also the
      standing area in the pit for peasants like myself, this is not covered over. We saw the play in a storm.

      Doctor Faustus, as described to me by the friend I went with is a play in which a man sells his soul to the devil, and shit goes down. The family
      friendly description would be, man sells soul to devil, he and lesser devil get up to tricks, he dies.

      Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, it variously threw it down with rain, thundered, hailed, there was even some lightning as well as sun throughout
      the duration of the play. Darvill was the only one to remain completely in character throughout, although he does spend large chunks of the play watching
      solemnly from a corner. This did however add to the play at various points, one as a character is discussing sorcery, and a heavy rainstorm starting
      just as the 7 deadly sins writhe around on stage in what can really only be described as an orgy. However, I didn’t dry out until about 10 that evening, so
      if you do go to see it in bad weather, be prepared for it.

      The various pyrotechnics and other effects are lovely and very clever, including one where Mephistopheles conjures fire in his hands, that was particularly impressive.
      Costuming too was excellent, I am full of praise for Arthur Darvill in flowery leggings and a cape with a little tiny evil curl of hair on his forehead. Faustus’ various
      costumes were lovely too, lots of heavily embroidered materials and fur.

      The acting too was excellent, only on rare occasions did I see Mephistopheles as Rory rather than a devil, mostly when he was sitting out in the rain looking
      mournful. Mostly, I struggled not to giggle with joy from Mephistopheles and Faustus’ messing around, although in my defence at one point they link arms and skip up
      the stage.

      If nothing else, it’s worth seeing for the end song alone with tiny dancing devils and Mephistopheles and Faustus singing and playing lute in a fairly rock
      and roll fashion.

      Anyway, to conclude. Go, see it, and wear a coat.

      (Oh, and Arthur”s character doesn’t die)

      Lots of love


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