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More Podcastery!

Well, we recorded our second podcast this evening. Purcell-face had spent a small fortune on new recording equipment so things should sound better…I say ‘should’…. I’ve yet to hear it back properly, but the indications are hopeful – the less said about the duff lead, the better, lol.

It did seem a little less dynamic, this time around and I think we can put that down to the fact we were rather tired tonight. (I know for myself Im effing knackered – early start, gym visit etc…takes it out of you, you know…).

As it is, we ended up with approx one hour fifty one minutes worth of material that I’ve now, somehow, got to shrink to an hour, max! With luck it should pick up the pace considerably.

Do feel free to post your opinions about the podcasts, yeah? or suggest things for us to talk about. So far no one has replied about it which is, tbh, a little disheartening.

And for keen followers of such things, yes, we have indeed managed to rid ourselves of Keith yet again, using another cunning ploy ahahahahahahcoughcoughsplutter…


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  1. I’ve had a quick listen to a minute or so of Andy and my tracks this morning and they don’t sound too bad, certainly a lot better sound quality than our last setup. Hopefully that is true for more than the first minute! For you number freaks out there each track (they are all exactly the same length) is, roughly speaking, 1.3GB as 48Khz mono (of course) 32bit float WAV files. Combined they just push it over the 4.0GB mark! Thank goodness for writable DVDs…

    Tony is really going to have his work cut out to edit this one down to a usable size and, with luck, a more pacey result than the input! It was getting quite ramble-tastic in our first recorded segment, I suspect most of that will be left on the cutting room floor of doom – we’ll see! All in all, I’m not sure it went as well as our first one but I may just be comparing the end result of Podcast One to the unedited Podcast Two. Tony did an excellent job with the editing of the first (all 17 1/2 hours work of it!), I was really quite pleased and surprised with the result. I’m sure it will be the same this time (and he should have less sync problems now thanks to our new hardware setup).

  2. I really enjoyed them! I’ll admit to preferring Tony’s audio blog more because I’m big on brevity but the proper podcast was well put together. Naturally I most enjoyed talk of the new adventures but that’s just becasue I’m that breed of fanboy.

    Podcasting is built upon the idea that the first 5 are terrible and there is an upswing from there so i was surprised just how good it was.

  3. Andy Simpkins says:

    Actually, I thought it went quite well.Admittedly, the first section where we were discussing the origins did tend to wander off and cover people and situations that were not widely known outside of our close circle of friends was digressing slightly but I do think we got back into the routine of indulging in our verbal interplay and sparring quickly enough.We must remember that it does take time to produce a podcast that is flowing in its content and holds the listeners attention.After all,you do have to learn how to walk before you can run.There are lots of people out there who are dipping their metaphorical toe in the water of podcasting and the quality of the podcast is commensurate with the amount of time spent on it and for how long the podcasts have been recorded for. However,I thought it a very entertaining evening,the finished article will sound polished and professional,thanks to Tonys expert ministrations and I tip my hat to Adam for investing in the mikes and boom stands.Chinny Raccoon!

  4. well, the edit is very much under way…Ive finished the opening section, (which we record last…Just. Don’t. Ask.), and I must say theres a definate improvement in sound quality…haven’t found a single ‘pop’ yet – we’re still picking up on each other’s mics, but the synchronisation is now spot on – thank Bod! The main thing is editing the huge amount of material down to a one hour podcast..Ive cut one section which may, if I can wangle it, turn up right at the very end of the cast, unedited, just as a treat and to show the difference…tbh, there isn’t that much change..just a slight bit of, hmm…reverb? Echo? where we turn up on each other’s tracks….Like I say, the main problem is trimming stuff and yet keeping the flow and all the pertinant info…..

  5. oh yeah….have you any idea how difficult it is trying to edit our nonsense when you have a stye (Styre?) in one eye and Visage’s ‘Damned Don’t Cry’ floating through your head, hmm? I demand sympathy and a reference to our Lynx page….

  6. hmm..seems its gonna take roughly a similar amount of time…less the having to synch things…however, Im building up a great library of stuff for the special ‘Christmas Outakes’ ‘cast…….

    heh, heh and indeed….heh

  7. Glad to hear it is going so well, not so glad to hear it will take 17 hours or so again! I was hoping it would be quicker and easier for you this time. Is it the cross mic pickup that is the biggest problem? If so, I wonder what can be done to shield the mics from picking up the other’s speech? Hmm, probably not much right now but we might be able to fabricate some kind of shield – perhaps not practically, though.

    Outtakes? I don’t remember too many of those…!

    How is it sounding so far? A bit more pace and life to it?

  8. yup, deffo more pacey – and no, that doesn’t mean a cry of ‘Tarrant!’ It IS partly the cross mic pic-up, alas…I have to go through the whole thing dropping the volume to zero on the tracks that aren’t being used whilst someone else speaks. Also, of course, one has to listen though to it in small sections over and over to see where cuts can be made etc….again, NOT complaining – fascinating to do. The thing is rather quiet at the moment…Im gonna have to look at volumes again as it needs to be louder – I’ll be doing that this evening…however, its not gonna be ready for this Wednesday, alas….however, we still have two weeks until the deadline.

    As for outtakes, well..more sections that have had to be cut cos they waffle….lets just say Crumbly’s Odes to the Spice Girls and Farting didn’t make it along with my own take on Mark Gatis’ identity and his lack of knowledge of said identity……

  9. BOLLOCKS! – ten minutes of the thing left to edit and what happens? Audacity crashes….now, its ok, ‘cos I saved very recently..however, when I boot the thing back up it fills in with silence….a whole section varnished like an old, oak table. So, instead of finishing the first, rough edit tonight, I’m gonna wait till tomorrow and then hunt for the correct section, copy it and then add it to the first mix session…then edit it. So, fingers crossed, the basic show shoul dbe donw…all that will need doing will be the adding of music, recording and adding the intro and copywright disclaimer etc, plus anything that may be needed at the end to get it to the hour exactly….

    Still….Im bloody annoyed about that Audacity screw-up…grrrrrrrr …Get Some Nuts!

  10. ok, so, I’ve repaired the session…hopefully you won’t be able to tell where it happened. I had to open up the wavs for each of us into a new session, isolate the section where Audacity had a bit of an episode, copy it, paste it to the main session and close the three wavs…then it was a case of synchronising them with the session, adjusting noise reduction and volume etc to hopefully match the main session stuff…The proof of the pudding, etc… Also, the main edit is now done..however, I’m estimating that with the opening titles and welcome section, closing titles etc, the podcast is going to be approx one hour 5 or 6 minutes long….which is too long. I’ll be going through it with a fine tooth comb to try to find more things to cut, but, may be that it just has to be a bit too long, alas.

    I could always cut ‘The Taste Test’…doing that may get me out of doing it every time…..he said, innocently….

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