Staggering Stories Podcast #110: Arcing About

Ambassador Kosh, Amy Pond, Melody Pond and the ValeyardSummary:
Adam J Purcell, Andy Simpkins, Fake Keith and the Real Keith Dunn talk about Story Arcs mainly in Doctor Who but also in the likes of Babylon 5 and Buffy, find some general news, and a variety of other stuff, specifically:

  • 00:00 – Intro and theme tune.
  • 00:52 — Welcome!
  • 01:56 – News:
  • 02:03 — Torchwood: Miracle Day finally coming to the UK.
  • 03:45 — Torchwood: The Lost Files radio plays coming to BBC Radio 4.
  • 04:36 — Big Finish: More Doctor Who coming and new Blake’s 7 audios and books.
  • 07:03 — Doctor Who: Gillan and Smith at San Diego Comic Con.
  • 08:11 – Doctor Who: Story Arcs.
  • 30:39 – Flashing the the Park 2.
  • 32:22 – Emails and listener feedback.* Hit us yourself at
  • 52:52 – Farewell for this podcast!
  • 53:23 — End theme, disclaimer, copyright, etc.

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13 Responses to "Staggering Stories Podcast #110: Arcing About"

  1. MISTER M says:

    wow. a short one. been a long time.

  2. Below is the feedback we kindly received for this podcast.

    These will be presented in rough order of when we received them. This won’t match the order in which we read them out!

    As ever, please feel free to comment on them here on the blog, though please note we won’t read any such replies on the podcast, for that please continue to email us at

    Thank you all!

    • Hello! Great show, love it.

      The good man that River kills – could it be someone from history like Churchill or someone like that? Maybe to tie in with the upcoming 50th anniversary it could even be JFK? Although arguably in his personal life he may not have been that much of a good man.

      Anyway, the reason I was writing was to see if any of you spotted the obvious mistake in the closing scene of “A Good Man Goes to War.” Just after the Doctor works out who River is, he goes straight into the TARDIS. And then, just a mere split second after he closes the door… the TARDIS dematerialises! Are we to believe that in that split second, the Doctor has run all the way up to the console and operated it? How is this possible? Does he have Inspector Gadget arms?

      Now, it is obvious that this is for dramatic purposes. You couldn’t have River, Amy, Rory etc standing around just waiting for him to leave, making inane chatter like, “How’s the weather been?” or “Heard the latest Ryan Giggs joke?” before the TARDIS dematerialises. But it struck me that this happens in heaps of stories, and it also happens during materialisation – the TARDIS lands and the door opens straight away. Now that I have noticed this it is going to annoy the hell out of me.

      Also, I am from Australia but I was in London over New Year. I have a gripe with an advert I saw many times on the tube for some poxy phone company. I know it is six months later but I still need to get this off my chest. The advert promoted some sort of phone deal and it had the slogan “struth” which they asserted was Australian for “rather good.” Quite apart from the fact that no actual Australian (short of Alf Stewart from Home and Away) actually uses the word “struth” except in an ironic fashion, it actually means “I don’t believe it.” This phone company needs to do some research before they deface the upper walls of London trains.

      Anyway, keep up the good work, can you believe you have reached 108+ episodes? Struth!

      Have a nice day

    • Greetings Staggering Stories Team and El Presidente’s Assorted Minions,

      I have been a long-time listener and once attempted to send you feedback but foolishly sent the email to the wrong address. You would think after hearing “show at staggering stories dot net” for over one hundred episodes that I would be able to remember the address, but alas there is only so much information I can retain from week to week and the “dot net” just didn’t make the cut. I have now committed it to memory and hope to never fail you again.

      This past week I finally listened to your Gallifrey show and felt inspired to try writing again. I have wondered in the past if many podcasters find community at Gallifrey because they are a voice in the Doctor Who community. And while this description certainly fits The Staggering Stories team, you always feel so much more down-to-earth. Hearing about your experiences made me feel as if I truly could make a few friends in the Doctor Who community, even if they are long distance. Most of the Doctor Who fans I know are ones that I have indoctrinated to the show, but many of them are New Who fans only.

      Anyway, in an attempt to keep this short, I will just say thanks for all the hard work that goes in to your podcast. You keep me entertained on those late nights at work. Thanks.

      -Steven K.

      PS – Okay, shameless plug. I have been maintaining a blog called The Edwardian Adventurer. My goal is to watch every episode of Doctor Who in broadcast order simply because I’ve never done it before. It has also given me an excuse for spending massive amounts of money on Doctor Who DVDs. Okay, not that I needed much of an excuse to begin with, but it helps me justify it to my wife. My hope is to cover more than just Doctor Who (as I wait for The Gunfighters to be released in North America, I am turning my attention to LOST). Anyway, I would appreciate the free plug, and if the plug isn’t free, then I hope my soul is in good hands. The address is

      Thanks again.


      Its MISTER M

      I Seem to have resseructed the 30 second recomendations! Heh heh.

      Pottermore. Then. Sound Good. IM SO EXCITED. I am a HUGE Harry Potter
      fan! I Even won a comeption to get A Copy of Order of The Phionex when
      i was about 6! ah,

      Now. There are so many things i want to review, but, as i tend to
      natter on, I Had an idea when i woke up int he middle of the night. My
      frist thoguht was Karen Gillan, but then, It Hit Me! Why dont you chose
      for me.

      So. Would you Like me to review Misfist Series 1 OR Primeval Series 4?

      Staggering Stories # 109 – Yes i do natter on so. In Fact, Why dont you
      not bother reading the rest of this letter out?

    • Well hello everyone,

      I AM AAAAAAALLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes im back, real life has gotten in the way in shape of a girlfriend, but now im here. Well, primeval hmm, so are we gonna get an explination of how helen and bashier met ? Also when are future predators coming back.

      I saw the fanboy film super 8 and all I have to say is this : do not see this unless its at a drive in double feature and you have something ( or someone ) to do. this movie is not worth your money and I implore you t go see green lantern instead.

      Also ha ha ha we get torchwood miricale day before you neener neener neener.

      El presidente have you seen the article of karen gillian being seen half naked in new york ( see link below ) ?

      Also just for jean hoping she is reading this : I love matt smith .

      did she say it correctly ?

      have fun all and remember silence will fall but stay tuned for lets kill hitler.

      Friend of the show,


    • Hello Staggering Stories videogram team and the head of Ron Moody.

      Been very busy, so I don’t have time to write a proper long piece of feedback. Maybe next time.

      BTW, I’ve got an idea for a new Mr. Cyberman story. I’ll see if I can fit it in this month.


      Benjamin Elliott

      PS – is that a dimension rift flying around the internet?


      It is time. I Am now goign to re-review series 6a of doctro who, and put them in a lsit of favoruties.

      7. The Rebel Flash. 4/10
      The start was good. Then i got bored. Then i got confused. Then it finished

      6. The Almost Interesting 6/10
      The start was good. Then i got a bti excited. But then i got cofnused. And Then amy melted.

      5. The Curse of The Pink Tights 7/10
      There were some good bits. there were some bad bits. ANd I Loved Amys tights. I Just keep staring at them.

      4. The Doctors Life 8/10
      There were lots of good moments. There were no bad momnets. I Liked Idris. And Rory died. Again

      3. A Good Man Goes on a search for Pond 9/10
      There were some CYbermen, There were some Lesbians. There were some ponds.

      2. The Impossible Spiuoler 9/10
      What happened?

      1. Day of The – What? 10/10
      Brilliant, Cant fault it.

      Looking at those Loegs. Yes, Those pink tights and that short skirt………..
      MISTER M
      P.S Im still looking.

    • Dear staggering stories team and the the head inanimate object, The Head Of Pertwee (not my best work I know but you try to think these up)

      First off well done on your last episode. A brilliant listen as always.

      I really liked your section on Primeval series one. I have to say that I like Primeval . I was one of the few people who actually liked the first season it seems. I think that its main Problem was that it was billed by ITV as as a rival to doctor who when it really wasn’t. It never was intended to be, it was even aired specifically during Dr Who’s off season. Granted it doesn’t have the same level of detail to its stories as other programs, but it was basically a good bit of Saturday teatime family fun. I can say that I even used to eat my tea while watching.

      I also managed to get to the doctor Who experience This weekend so I now know what everybody down south has been raving about. And I can say that none of you are wrong either. Remaining as spoiler free as possible, it was absolutely fascinating. It was wonderful to see all the props from the shows past and present. My favourite being the kettlewell robot. The actual experience was fantastic as well. It was amazing how some of the effects were achieved and there is a fairly obvious part (which for the sake of spoilers I will not mention) that as a who fan I shall treasure forever.

      It was wonderful to see most of you at the Flashing in the park Picnic (Jean and Crumbly were sorely missed). Getting hugged by the real Keith was once more a novel experience, meeting Fake Keith for the first time was wonderful (unless you are a squirrel), and as always it was brilliant to hail El presedente in person. The Adipose stress toy that I bought from the experience was a surprise hit. Will the game of pass the Adipose catch on I wonder? (by the way I have decided to call him Tim. If yours is called Graham, and mine is called Tim, we only need someone to call theirs Bill and we have the Goodies). Never Has a Game of Doctor Who top trumps been so competitive or such a spectator sport. Fake Keith put up a valiant fight but ultimately Lost to Alistair Loke who was actually trying to Lose. Once more the Staggering Stories team proving they can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory (Just kidding guys). The phrase “always let the wookie win” will now have a totally different meaning. And finally team your dastardly plot for pod cast dominance using diabetes causing staggeringly chocolate brownies and caramel shortcakes has failed. Though I must say they were delicious. My compliments to the chef.

      any way I have to go now as I don’t want to make this email to long.

      Bod be with you

      Sacred Bob

      P.S. Whatever happened to the barber shop quartet version of the doctor who theme we were promised?

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